A second Canadian plane for Mali?

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We are sinking deeper into the war over there

Rough field...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is thinking about sending a second military aircraft transport to support the French military invasion in Mali.

But he is afraid that that the war could go wrong and it might turn against him. He wants to think things out before taking a decision that could be the wrong one.

Canadians are divided. Some want us to support the French military mission because they are fighting the Al-Qaida gang - the same guys who were in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden.

They have set up shop in the Sahara, helping out Tuareg tribes fighting Black African leaders in the dominant south of the immense landlocked African state.

But there was a big military coup in the south last March and the military coup leaders are running things now in the capital, Bamako. They aren't exactly the nicest guys on the planet.

Harper keeps sending them notes asking them when they plan to return Mali to democracy. They always say "thank you" for the notes.

Other Canadians say we had enough of the war in Afghanistan for 10 years, followed by that mini-war of ours in Libya and now it's somebody else's turn to carry the burden of freedom.

The French government has made up its mind. It is fighting al-Qaida and says to Canada "Come join us in a noble cause!"

Harper is hesitating about sending troops. Should he send a second Boeing C-17 to carry more supplies and military equipment to Bamako, or maybe he could send one of those a beautiful new C-130 Hercules transport aircraft that he bought?

Or maybe send the French only "Bonne chance, les gars?"

Harper hints his Mali "mission" could be extended for several months, but he keeps promising the Canadian engagement would be limited only to logistical support. No soldiers' boots on the ground, he promises.

Burt how many Canadians believe him?

Harper keeps repeating Canadian transport aircraft will not be used in a combat zone. They will only be flying military equipment between France and Mali.

France already has 2,150 French soldiers in Mali. And there's an African Standby Force that has lined up 3,300 African militaries. But they have yet to be fully trained. Nothing is easy to figure out in this growing war in the heart of the African continent.



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