Conservatives having problems

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Doing badly in performance polls

This was the year the Conservatives went down the toilet.

It’s not just Harper’s personal popularity that’s the problem, but the way he’s running the country and where we’re going that’s turning off Canadians.

Pollster Nik Nanos, who does a good job with numbers, asked people this month to describe the “performance” of the Harper Conservatives.

“Very poor” said 38 %; only 12 % replied “very good.”  Everybody else was in between. That’s three-to-one against Steve’s bunch.

But what about the bright future for Canada that Harper is always promising? Are we moving in the right direction with Harper?

Only 31 % said yes we are, while 55 % said “wrong direction.”

But maybe things can get better in Canada if Harper can pal up to the provincial premiers and their governments?

Trouble is that only 2 % said the relationship between the federal government and the provincial governments has improved in the past year.

Forty per cent said “not improved.”  The rest were in between. That means the hard score is 20 to one against the way Harper is getting along with the provinces.

Well, maybe our reputation is getting better elsewhere in the world?

 Guess again! Only 9 % said Canada’s reputation had improved around the world during the past year, while 45 % replied “not improved.”

Harper is no fool. He reads the polls as much as the next guy.

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