Rob Anders could be finished

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One foolish thing after another

Bye bye Rob!



The Conservatives are preparing to dump Rob Anders, their Calgary West MP for the past 17 years.

He embarrasses them too often.

Anders has a bad habit of falling asleep during the debates in the House of Commons. The TV cameras have captured him several times sound asleep in the Commons chamber. It looks bad on national television.

That’s not the only thing he’s done. For reasons that have never been made clear Anders went after Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela of South Africa calling him a terrorist and a communist.

To make matters worse, he did it on the same day that the Canadian Parliament honored Mandela by making him an honorary Canadian citizen, the highest honor this country can bestow on a foreigner.

Anders was the only Member of Parliament that day to vote against honoring Mandela.

Last year Anders attended a Veterans Affairs committee hearing. He fell asleep as the witnesses, former Canadian soldiers who went through hell in Afghanistan, made their presentation.  

Then he woke up at the end of their testimony. The witnesses told him it would have been nice if he had been awake to hear what they had said.

Anders categorically denied that he been asleep and lashed into the soldiers for making the accusation, calling them “Russians” and communists.

He was thrown out of the committee and forbidden to return.

Now the Conservatives are seeking a suitable candidate to run in Calgary West in the next election.


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