Israel + Hamas/Iran = religious hatred

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In a round about way there is a ceasefire (if you want to call it that) between the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel. Since 2007 Hamas is the de facto ruler in the Gaza. Hamas has fired over 8,000 missiles, rockets and mortars from behind civilian shields, always deliberately aiming to terrorize the citizens of Israel. Even with a United Nations brokered truth, before this armed assault by Israel in Palestine, Hamas had launched 3,000 armed attacks in 2008 alone. Hamas’ objective, according to all reports, is for Hezbollah, whose only program has become to kill as many Jews as possible, had this to say when, on Oct. 22, 2002, Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, told the Lebanese paper Daily Star that “If all the Jews come to Israel, they’ll make our job easier, and will keep us from having to go hunt them down all over the world.” I think that’s clear enough.

I vow that ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing, than he who believes what is wrong. We, as Canadians, read that the Middle East is divided into good and evil. Bernard-Henri Levy’s book, Left in Dark Times, says it best when he explains that “when people debate Islamism that always starts by saying: ‘Israel’s fault; nothing would have happened without that damned Israel, thorn in the Arab flesh, permanent source of humiliation, a foreign body in a land that is not and never was its own.” Well, this is false, given the antiquity of the Jewish presence in the land of Palestine, because one already has to be inspired by the most obtuse racism to accept the idea of a minuscule Jewish presence, on a tiny percentage of Arab land, and on an even smaller percentage of land that supposedly makes up the Ummah.

Permit me to offer this perspective: To each of the Arab states that surround that most sacred of land, Hamas represents a force that could stir the social pot in their homeland—either by creating a backlash against the regimes for their ties to Israel and their perceived failure to aid the Palestinians, or by encouraging democratic Islamist movements in the region that could threaten the stability of both republican regimes and monarchies. Considering that these regimes/neighbours are somewhat limited in military options to contain Iranian expansion, these Arab states ironically are looking to Israel to ensure that Hamas remains boxed in. But this historical blood relationship between Arab states must paint a different picture to the World, a picture that says the Arab World is and always will be united.

As such, the world generally sees that the entire Arab world is convulsing with anger at Israel’s offensive, but a closer look divulges that the point of view from those Arab palaces is quite dissimilar from that of the protestors on Canadian Streets as well as from Arab streets. There is little doubt that in this modern world, especially after 9/11 the states of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Syria which traditionally backed the radical Palestinian groups have distanced themselves from such groups. The only patron remaining for Sunni Hamas is now Iran, which just a few weeks ago not only announced that by 2010 it will have enough usable uranium to build a nuclear bomb, news medias have reported that while “shouting “God is great,” Iranian President Mahmould Ahmadinejad gleefully oversaw the launching of Iran’s first satellite into orbit”.

So, you ask, is the Israeli-Palestinian matter of primary concern? You bet your life it is, and now you know why. In order to advance we need to remove obstacles. That way, individuals will commence to listen to each other and appreciate other cultures thus breaking down old ancestry prejudices. Newly elected President Obama has made the Middle East and the Islamic world the main focus of his foreign policy. Could Canada and the United States work with our major trading partners worldwide (Europeans, Japan, China and our old friends Saudi Arabia) to stop trading with Iran, thus squeezing them economically which should result in jamming its future investments, thus reducing its ability to assist Hamas? Would this not be better than war? Just last week, Hamas officials with $9 million dollars and another $2 million in euros were stopped at the Egyptian border from entering Gaza, so I ask you where to do you think they got that money?

Presently Iran is weak for its entire economy, according to “Peter Goodspeed” of the Nation Post, “depends on high oil prices and is now floundering with 29% inflation and 25% unemployment”. I agree fully with Goodspeed who suggests that “increased international sanctions could tip it into economic chaos and instability, threatening the Islamic Revolution” and ending the Hamas/Iran relationship.

There is virtually no family in Canada that isn’t presently being affected by the economic recession which grabs our attention while our federal politicians spend time convincing us that we’re not as bad as others. Meanwhile Iran and Hamas are preparing for the Final War, caused by Hatred, and a war to the death, an inexpiable war, a merciless, unceasing war between two antagonistic models, in the modern world. Canadians need more than to have Transport Minister John Baird give a speech calling Hamas “cowards” and wanting to “instill a culture of Fear” and getting standing ovations. We don’t need leaders like NDP Jack Layton who has no foreign policy experience and no real party foreign policy to simply say “stop the bombing” because it sounds good. An old saying that goes like this “just because a fool, in the middle of the day, says ‘its daytime’ doesn’t mean he’s wrong and that it’s the middle of the night”.

We certainly don’t need radio talk show host big mouths such as ‘CRFA Lowel Green insulting the entire Muslim community with his abusive and discriminating on air remarks, which only adds fuel to the fire and instills stereotyping.

Canadians will support those in the world that seek peace and that includes both sides in the Middle East. Individuals in a global community need to live in peace and have security. Each country should be free from threats by another and as a Canadian I reinforce the UN principles on human rights. Hamas and Iran only seek to destroy and can only survive in a constant state of violence and in so doing are in contravention of the UN Charter of Rights. As a Canadian I ask that our Federal Government take a leading role, not simply offering empty words to pacify a few in hope of gaining votes. We need leadership that will give them a lasting peace, by actions, by partnerships, by appreciating religious tolerance on all sides.

Organizations: Hamas, United Nations, Hezbollah Arab World UN Charter

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