The Good, the Bad, the Real Dumb

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What goes around comes around, or something like that, or is it as Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” Working downward the Good events come from USA President Barack Obama, who, after having policies set by George W. these past eight years, has been able to either stall or revoke most of the previous Republican government’s rhetoric on justice/war/economy and commence to rebuild the world’s faith in Western civilization. This is important, for too many of us, myself included, look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This could be a cruel libel, even if the Americans themselves reiterate it thoughtlessly. However, that mindset is changing.

Similarly, Michael Ignatieff’s leadership of the federal Liberal party has his liberals leading the Harper Conservatives in a Harris/Decima poll by three points. This feat has so far been accomplished by getting people to forget the Jean Chrétien administration scandal(s) and by patiently waiting out the follies that was called the Dion Liberal administration and has escalated above personal criticism of not being Canadian enough, this and the jealously by some of the inner Liberal party gurus. He has demonstrated that intelligence, devotion and one’s love for his/her country does eventually win out. Ignatieff has or will soon substantiate Henry Kissinger’s statement that “Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation”—Ignatieff being in that 10 percent.

Okay, now for the Bad, so let’s open with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Tim Wilson, head of Visa Canada, is attempting to convince our economic protector Minister Jim Flaherty that he and his banking associates should have a free hand in debit market and interest rate charges. Mr. Wilson, along with such worthy connections as the president of MasterCard Canada, would like no interest rate caps. Yes, sir, that would be like giving the jail keys to the head of the Hell’s Angels biker gang.

With much reflection, Minister Flaherty has been tongue tied thus far, most likely losing his courage as he did in his last stab at getting the bank to do what consumers need: lower interest rates. On another topic, the Federal Conservative Party, led locally by our conservative devotee MP Lauzon, is leading a falsehood tactics campaign to blindside the public that all the money being doled out by his government may not lead to eventual tax increases and jumping all over Liberal leader Ignatieff for saying so. Where does he think the money to repay this massive national debt will come from? The only truth is that our grandchildren will be saddled with the repayments. Sometimes, the truth hurts and only fools and ostriches hide their heads in the sand.

There’s no simple way or polite way of disclosing these Real Dumb feats, but to state them categorically, I hope I’m not alone in seeing these stupidities. Top of the list are two American icons, which after repeatedly being informed otherwise, seem not to comprehend that 9/11 terrorists did not enter their country via Canada. Top marks for being that dumb is Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security. Having her as head of security is like having Goofy minding the secret codes to launching nuclear war missiles. A close second goes to, John McCain, who is of the same mind as Ms. Napolitano. All I can sense is that we Canadians should be happy he lost the presidency to Obama, otherwise this fool might have attacked us. Next is the TV commercial featuring Ellen DeGeneres, who professes that “inner beauty is important but not as important as outer beauty.” What is Cover Girl, the company which promotes this female facial product, thinking? Do they believe women to be that shallow? That vane? Or that insensitive? And what about Ms. DeGeneres? Does she not stand for anything other than self-promotion and money? Shame, shame and more shame. This might not be dumb, but surely it is insensitive.

The final dumb decoration goes to a local boy who kept his promise of being someone we’d all remember. Years ago a young Willie Wise hanging around the Bob Turner told all who would listen that someday he’d be rich and famous. When he won a seat on City Council, I thought well, Willie did do well after all, but then when he gained control of our beloved Cornwall Royals and moved them to the Toronto area, I started to change my mind. But now he hit the big time, on the run from the SEC on charges of operating a Ponzi scam out of his kingdom on the Island of St. Vincent. He’s shown us all to be wrong. He did make it big, and that, along with the Project Truth inquiry, put our Cornwall on the map. No need advertising to tell people where Cornwall is anymore; they all know, and we’ve got Willie Wise to thank, for he kept his word.

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