Nuclear threats a modern day reality

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After the end of the cold war in 1989 culminating with the Soviet Union’s collapse by 1991, the world falsely believed that the nuclear war threat had finally been reduced if not altogether eliminated. As a result, the general public lapsed into what best can be described as artificial consciousness of safety. From that point onward the world has witnessed a steady decline of bipolar power, which in and by itself helped advance the public’s taste for nuclear security. Nuclear power as a weapon of war has been decreased by the world’s superpowers and been replaced by other serious threats. Transnational terrorism, low-intensity violent conflicts in various parts of the world, several genocides, possible ecological catastrophes, climate change and our present focus of disaster, worldwide economic crisis, all have been newspaper headlines and/or lead stories. These, and not nuclear weapons, have demanded politicians’ time and energy while the sleeping giant has slowly but steadily awakened from its long sleep. With newspapers reporting that Dark Clouds of nuclear war are gathering in such places as North Korea and possibly Iran which presently have limited nuclear capacity is proof positive that the giant once again is sitting in our living rooms.

So as of today, in the history of humanity, nuclear weapons have only been employed once, that being the American’s bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan in August of 1945. The results were two hundred thousand people dead and countless hundreds of thousands seriously hurt, and still many thousands more seriously injured for life. Also, it resulted in Japan’s capitulation and thus the end of the Second World War. These events led to Great Britain and America holding a monopoly on nuclear weapons however by 1949 the Soviet Union, and not long after France, soon followed by China, developed their own arsenal. Until most recently one must realize that the possessing of these weapons of mass destruction only led to increased safety, as the political and military elites have come to apprehended that any first use of nuclear arms by any of them would inevitably be quickly followed by a similar or even greater devastation attack on themselves by their opponents. These days we are witnessing nuclear arms being widely spread across the territory of a country, with the capability of being moved and thus being launched from submarines and warplanes. It is impracticable to prevent a second strike thus causing a response in kind. All of this has led to the powers in question being extremely concerned and restrained regarding the use of violence towards each other. The risk is just too high for violent escalation from ground fighting to nuclear war. But that was then. Today, with lunatic leaders the likes of North Korea’s Kim Jon-il and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad along with the Iran’s Holy Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenel, nobody is safe and a new period of nuclear crisis is upon the world. Without much deliberation either of these loose canons would bring into play their nuclear weapons on a limited scale, thus swelling nuclear reprisals and thus directly causing a rush for other nations the likes of Belarus, Ukraine, Karakhstan, India and Pakistan and Israel to arm themselves accordingly. Our federal government in open parliament should be debating such issues and in true Canadian Lester B. Pearson fashion, should be seeking to bring a resolution to these conflict regions of the world. By doing so, Canada could lead the planet to a safer future for humanity. So when you see the federal politicians on the BBQ circuit this summer, ask them for their government plans on nuclear disarmament, if not for yourself, then for the Future of our children and children’s children.

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