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As everyone reading this column knows, Mr. Lauzon is the Progressive Conservative candidate for our riding, and is seeking his third consecutive term as our representative. Super Guy got his nickname by originally defeating long-term Liberal Bob Kilger, then handedly overpower Tom Manley for his second term. Guy is known as a hard worker and neglects appearing to only a few if any event held in this riding.

Guy realizes that the war in Afghanistan is rather complicated. He points out that it was initiated by the Liberal government, who now as the official opposition in the House supported Prime Minister Harper’s plan to extend the war. “We are there fighting to free the Afghanis because we were ask to do so by a democratic country to help them.” Guy affirms that by the Conservatives passing legislation on the war provided a lot of credibility to the war and undertook to build confidence and support for our troops on the ground. Mr. Lauzon elaborated on the war by saying he had met with President Kizar who had “tears in his eyes” and thanked him for the Canadian troops for now Afghanistan has 60 percent more children going to school, and most of them are little girls. According to the president, “The Afghani people’s income has doubled since Canadians have come to help.” By pumping $16.3 billion into the arm forces, the Conservative Government, says Mr. Lauzon “has given the equipment our troops needed to do the job.” It is this writer’s opinion that Canadians are indeed slow to make war, but once embarked upon a martial venture are equally slow to make peace and reluctant to make a tolerable, rather than a vindictive, peace. Looking at the deadline of 2011 pullout, after 10 years, the Afghanistan government has a target to accept full responsibility to secure their people and administer their government, says Guy.

On the topic of Arctic Sovereignty, Mr. Lauzon speaks to the vision of the prime minister, who Guy believes is “simply brilliant.” “The arctic sovereignty is the future of Canada in that with year-round passage, the wealth that is up there is in creatable, the natural resources are beyond believe, and all of that we on behalf of the Canadian people, have laid claim to that.” In so doing, according to Guy, the government has committed a considerable amount of funds to protect what is already ours.

With respect to the Canadian economy, Guy supports the prime minister’s position, “in that the Economy is going to struggle and has some challenges ahead.” Guy alleges that the steps put in place by the Conservative government have mitigated the effects of a weak American economy on Canada. Seeing these potential difficulties down the road, the finance minister took steps to insure Canadian stability in our economy, with three of the last four financial quarters being barn burners, even now we are the only country of the G-7 presently showing a surplus, so the proof, according to Guy, is in the pudding. Adding to that success the conservatives have paid-down $40 billion on our national dearth, saving us real dollars on our taxes. His government has put $3,800 more in the average family’s jeans, and by so doing has moved the tax-free day by 11 days thus permitting that money to be spent, which in turn stimulates the economy. Having said that, Guy wishes the McGuinty Liberal provincial government would lower taxes. That would also help stimulate the Ontario economy by offering incentives to small business. Certainly, in this interviewer’s opinion, dealing with the economy is much like mishaps with knives that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle, and I hope that the future government can find the “good handle” real fast.

Health care, as everyone knows, acknowledges alleges Guy, “is a provincial responsibility.” The federal government transfers an increatable amount of money to the provinces, and indifferent to the Liberal government of Mr. Turner who cut health care dollars to the provinces by 25 billion, the conservative government has been working to raise the level of service that those cuts created. Guy deems that a future conservative government needs to look at health care differently. In conversations with Minister Tony Clements, Guy says that through negotiations with the 10 provincial health ministers, Minister Clements will get them to agree to one unified benchmark, thus cutting down wait-times and in certain provinces increase health services.

Our conversation turned to the environment. Here Guy expressed that when the Conservatives took office there was not one environment policy in place. Nothing that the previous Liberal government has signed the Kyoto Agreement in eight long years not one policy was in place to attain those commitments of Kyoto. The fact is that during that period of time the greenhouse gases increased by 38 percent. The program that was instituted by the Conservatives stipulates that industry must reduce their carbon emissions by 20 percent by the year 2020. By balancing the environmental needs and the economy needs this plan offers an ease-in approach for everyone and that way everyone wins. Having attained that carbon emission by 2020, the next goal is to have carbon emission reduced by 50 percent by 2050, again a more realistic attainable goal. “Comparing that plan with Mr. Dion’s Liberal carbon tax, and one can see easily that our plan is so much better for everyone.” Mr. Lauzon goes on to state that “first and foremost, the Dion carbon tax would simply devastate the farming community. The cost of just about everything would go up by eight percent, and small businesses will no longer be able to compete.”

Leadership is paramount to this election and Super Guy things that Stephen Harper is the best he’s ever seen: he is honest, he is his own man, and he loves Canada. The prime minister has a solid caucus and as prime minister has everyone behind him, for he has a vision of Canada that surpasses all other federal leaders and the polls show that the Canadian people have recognized his leadership qualities. Taking this opportunity, I would like to quote Mark Twain “Pudd’nhead”: Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time,” and this may very well be the Conservatives’ task in attaining the elusive majority government it so wishes to achieve. Locally, Mr. Lauzon’s secret to past successes in politics has not been money but meticulous planning and organization, tremendous effort and the enthusiasm and devotion of his wife and friends. In my humble estimation, he will be hard to defeat.

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