Do idiots come at all levels?

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When I was young I generally estimated an opinion by the size of the person that holds it, but now older I find that’s an uncertain rule for I’ve come to realize that there are times when a hornet's opinion disturbs me more than anything else. Here are a few examples: first Internationally, the Nobel Peace Prize honour going to president Barack Obama for nothing more than offering the World Hope, not Peace just Hope, not economic stability, just Hope. I venture after those rather embarrassing Presidential years of George W. Bush, even the Norwegian Nobel Committee itself is looking for Hope. I’d rather have thought that they could have found someone who has actually accomplished something tangible on the world stage, but then again, must be we are in the stage that hope is all we have left. Are there no Jimmy Carters, no Woodrow Wilsons, no Mother Teresas, no Lester Pearsons, no Aung San Suu or Nelson Mandelas or Dalai Lamas left in the World?

Studying history and loving it, I have come to the conclusion that the monarchies are usurpers and descendants of usurpers for the reason that no throne was ever set up in this world by the will, freely exercised, of the only body possessing the legitimate right to set it up. I found the debate between the Governor General and our Prime Minister to be rather foolish to say the least considering the entire national issues which require their attention. Our Nation’s birth and early years are trenched in blood, mostly shed for Queen/King and Country. Countless articles have appeared in countless newspapers arguing for the preservation of the Queen as Head of State, all overlook the fact that this position is nothing more than an artifact of years gone by. Canada is like all the others that have been concurred by England of old—and all the British Loyalists of today are more than ready to shout for the cause of preserving such an historical memento at taxpayers’ costs. What a hell of a heaven it will be when they get all these hypocrites assembled there! Live and reap the benefits of Canada while retaining their worship of the Monarchy. God not Queen, Save Us All.

Look, does Governor General Michaelle Jean really believe she’s a Queen? And our Queen to boot? Is there none at Rideau Hall that can reign her in? (get the pun) History and nothing else has given us this queeny like position and it might be time for our federal government to take the lead of Australia and put this relic to rest in our history books where it belongs. By-the-way it would save us millions in tax dollars and in retooling the government would be a new way to create job stimulus. Just think of the printing stimulus alone.

I’d like to admit that once I talked to the inmates of an insane asylum. I have talked to idiots a thousand times, but only once to the insane idiot. One of those less read, less educated and in my opinion, less deserving candidates I’ve been reading about in our local newspapers is Councilor Tammy A. Hart of Newington (South Stormont) First she’s not one of those who in expressing opinions confines herself to facts. Foremost she objects to the federal Justice Department’s plan of random roadside breath tests. Must be this Councilor hasn’t lost a loved one to a drunk driver, or has never considered the simple fact that having the authority to conduct such a test will reduce those idiots from turning a key in their vehicles after drinking. She keeps referring to the average Joe, well it’s the average Joe idiot who commits these acts, Councilor, it’s the other average Joe like me these roadside tests are trying to protect Councilor. Just in case one might judge those comments on the Councilor a little to harsh, then what about her perspective on Franco-Ontario flag’s? Has she ever read a history book? Has she no French heritage? Has she just arrived from Mars or Pluto and has no appreciation for the founding cultures that built this country we call Canada? Some have referred to this as her passionate ways; I call it insensitive, un-educated and shameful of an elected official whose position is to serve all the public be they Franco Canadian, Indian Canadian, Germane,-Dutch,-Norwichian,-Italian,-British,-Australian,-Pakistanian and yes even idiot Canadian. Madame Councilor I believe you understand that every one must have morals, though I wouldn't like to ask some of them to explain theirs. However I’d ask, are you one that would rather teach your morals to us all rather than practice them yourself? "Give them to others"—is that your motto, if so please keep then in Newington’s back roads. Meanwhile I’d rather be safe on our roads, streets and highways, and fly my heritage French Canadian flag.

Organizations: Norwegian Nobel Committee, Justice Department

Geographic location: Canada, England, Australia Mars

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