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Humans, in difference to our animal friends, have a conscience and if you believe in a higher power also have a soul. One a year, usually around the festive season, humans take a moment or two to give thanks for those blessings they received throughout the previous year all the while renewing their relationships with old friends and showing their affection by lavishing gifts on their loved ones. For some of us it is also the season to reflect upon all the things we have done or left undone for whatever reasons for ourselves and for others. It is also a time to wish our friends, employers and family all the best in the coming year and really meaning it. So here’re my wishes to those who make it possible for me to write this bi-weekly column for without them doing what they do best, I’d have nothing to write about.

To the federal government, may they be blessed this festive season with a plan to honourably bring our troops home and return our federal budget to a balanced state of affairs by reducing the size of the federal civil service that has increased 4.5 % (9,072) under their watch May the federal ridings that elected Conservative members and received twice the amount of stimulus money than those which didn’t elect a Conservative member spend that stimulus money wisely. To our provincial government, may they receive fewer, less costly scandals, and may they receive back all the public’s money loaned to the car industries based in Ontario, with interest. To the local municipally elected officials of S.D.& G., may you balance your budgets by reducing the number of free trips taken by yourselves and your partners at taxpayers’ costs, may you cut out the free lunches and eliminate, or at best, reduce your traveling expenses in the new year. And to all Canadians, may you enjoy an H1N1 free winter season, may each of you get free tickets to our costly Winter Olympic games, may you receive from Revenue Canada an increase in personal income tax deductions and a framed picture of previous prime minister Jean Chretien with his new Queen Elizabeth honour reminding us all that he had nothing to do at all with the ad scam for which he got the Queen’s Honour medal. May each municipal building hang a picture of our Governor General and future Canadian Queen- Michaelle Jean, God Bless Canada.

Organizations: Revenue Canada

Geographic location: Ontario

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