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Do you ever sit and watch television and critique the ads?  I decided to do so and have picked a few to pass on my opinions.

The one that got me started was one from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers praising their recycling of water they use.  I think the ad would be more honest if they said what percentage the recycled  water was compared to the water in their tailings pond.  That water is so contaminated that when, not if, that water is released into nearby rivers, everything in the rivers will die and they will be contaminated for many years.   The flood damage in several countries right now show us that storms can change the courses of rivers, cause landslides and likely break down the dykes holding those tailings.

Someone told me that a friend, after chemotherapy for mouth cancers, had to be careful to not let his mouth get dry.  There was actually a bacteria that thrived in a dry mouth that was dangerous for him.  He was told to get a toothpaste without soap because the soap in most toothpastes dries out the mouth.  I realized that the toothpaste I was using at the time really had a lot of foam and now I know why.  I did not notice that my mouth was drier than normal but, since I just went about my normal routine, I didn't stop and think about a dry mouth.  So what all is in toothpaste?

Watching an ad for one of the fast food chains, I wondered if fast food has taught us to litter.  Or are we just too lazy to hold onto the containers until we reach a garbage can.  I find the littering disgraceful.  Do litterbugs not see the beauty of our surroundings and that is why they don't worry about throwing their garbage around?  Blind and ignorant!

As a retired teacher, each year at this time, I watch the ads for school supplies.  I remember June each year and the perfectly good items that were thrown in the garbage or left in lockers.  How many parents waste money on new supplies?    By the way, I still have some binders that students discarded.  After fifteen years they still serve their purpose.  I do admit that with computers, I use less paper and thus fewer of the binders. 

Talking about computers, I have tried in the last couple of years to stop printing so many minutes or  reports that I get.  Instead I put them on my laptop, take that to my meetings and pull up the item I want when it appears on the agenda. 

I am going to step on some toes with my comments about the current furor in Quebec re In Vitro Fertilization.  Our world is over populated.  The inability of some women to have children was one way that our population was controlled.  With so many children in other countries needing good parents,  why not help parents adopt? 

Organizations: Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Geographic location: Quebec, Vitro Fertilization

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