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One thing that I forgot to comment on in my earlier columns, is that many of the cars over here are diesel. In fact, at the petrol stations, the diesel price is listed before the regular unleaded. I have found it interesting to note the different brands of cars over here – regular ones that I recognize from home, plus quite a few others that I have to go up to read the name on the car since I don’t recognize the logo.

While waiting to fly from Dublin to Glasgow, I had an interesting conversation with an Irish man and his daughter about a variety of topics. I had spoken to him because on the television they were showing a rugby game between Canada and an English team called the Saxons. I must admit that I didn’t even know we had a Canadian rugby team. These men are in excellent physical shape! It would be interesting to compare the physical fitness of rugby players and football players.

Back to the father and daughter. We talked about what I had seen and what I liked best. It was a hard question to answer as I have enjoyed everything so much. I made a suggestion that it was the Ring of Beara but I really am going to have to review all my notes and pictures to maybe try to answer. However, he suggested that, when, not if, I return, I should try taking a boat trip up the Shannon River. He also suggested that I could, on such a trip, start to learn a little Irish (Gaelic language).

I will admit, right here, that the trip around Scotland is mainly a distillery tour to visit Single Malt Scotch distilleries. There are 24 of us from across Canada. As far as environmental issues are concerned, I have learned that the barley mash, after it is used to make Scotch, is fed to the local cows—the alcohol is gone by then.

They are looking at more wind farms and tidal generation of electricity but I haven’t seen much yet.

It is nice to be driven around, here in Scotland. However, the disadvantage, of course, is that when I see something that I would like to take a picture of, or a bird I would like to use my binoculars on, we just travel onwards. I am trying to take pictures through the bus window and every time we have to stop.

One of the most surprising things that I have seen is a very mundane thing—shower fixtures. I think that in the 20 or so bathrooms that I have used, there have been only about 3 repeats of shower fixtures. For several of them, I have spent several minutes trying to figure out how to use them—an interesting pastime. In one or two, I had to pull a cord to turn on the hot water tank but I had hot water almost immediately.

Goodbye from Scotland.

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