Roadside weed spraying policy

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Two news items recently have caught my attention. The first was that the United Counties are going to create a roadside weed spraying policy. This is a good idea and I hope that Mr. de Haan, the Counties Engineer, consults with a variety of people including environmentalists, doctors, Health and Safety people from the Ministries of Labour, the Environment, Transportation, and Agriculture and Rural Affairs. I suggest that the discussion first take place away from the local atmosphere and have objective people involved. Since I am a member of the group Citizens Against Roadside Spraying, I know how personal the whole discussion has become and think it is time for an outside objective group of people look at the situation and help Mr. de Haan bring a rational draft to the United Counties Council.

Perhaps the outsiders can overcome the farmers' fears that the next group being attacked will be them and their spraying practices. The farmers seem to have not noticed that when they had to start taking courses re spraying programs, no one jumped on them and tried to stop them from spraying their crops. If anything, the idea that they needed to be trained to use them so that they could cut their costs with more efficient methods as well as protect their own health, was greeted with acceptance.

As I have gotten older, I have mellowed a little. I only rant and rave once in a while. As an example, I do not insist on pushing global warming any more. However, I do contend that we are in a real period of climate change, manmade or natural cycle.

As an example, how often do we get day-long gentle rains? Now we get downpours and most of the rain runs off because the ground can't absorb it fast enough. Right now, we could use a whole day of gentle rain but will we get it?

So, I believe we are going to have to learn to adapt. But are the governments looking at this enough? Are they discussing the problems for agriculture, municipalities, people and insurance costs, immigration, water resources and a host of other issues?

Perhaps some of the studies that the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences is working on can help us.

With this dry weather, some people want to water their lawns or gardens. A reminder: to get the maximum benefit, water before 9 am and after 7 pm. If you water in the middle of the day, half evaporates rather than soaks in and so you are wasting water and energy.

Question: In these waterparks, are they always using fresh water or do they recycle and "clean" the same water? I hope the latter or they are wasting a scarce resource -- think about Somalia!

PS: A friend suggested, after reading my column about the tick bite, that I remind you to keep the tick to take to the doctor if you get bitten. I seem to have recovered from my bite.

Organizations: United Counties Council, St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

Geographic location: Somalia

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