Sugar, processed foods and sexual dysfunction

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When we want to look at the consequences of processed, high-sugar diets, unfortunately, we need not look any further than type II diabetics. Within Dr. Russell Blaylock’s outstanding book, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, we find the grim statistics.

Diabetics are two to four times more likely to have a heart attack, two to four times more likely to have a stroke, four times more likely to go blind, eight times more likely to develop cataracts and/or glaucoma and two to four times more likely to suffer kidney failure. Diabetics are much more likely to experience pregnancy complications, and male diabetics are five times more likely to be impotent.

There is nothing more foreign to the medical industry than the idea of one thing being responsible for many things. On the flip side of that, it is also foreign to the medical industry that a lack of one thing can cure many things. There is one primary item that causes all the diseases listed above, and its absence acts as the best way to reverse or cure the same diseases. That magic item is excess blood sugar.

Blood sugar is sugar that was once in your mouth, which eventually makes it into your bloodstream via your intestines. We are not just talking about candy and table sugar here. Alcohol, doughnuts, crackers, cakes, cookies, potatoes, cereals, fruit juices, pops, iced teas, fruits, chips, breads and even milk/yogurts are all sugars. The amount of sugar that sits in your stomach is not really the problem (because all vegetables are sugar as well), but it is the speed at which that sugar floods into your bloodstream. Most processed foods are actually designed to deliver sugar too quickly because excess blood sugar facilitates a narcotic effect.

Your body can only deal with a fixed amount of blood sugar at one time. Anything above that and your body activates its sugar safety system and it is that system that eventually breaks from overuse in type II diabetics.

Sugar is an acid and when there is too much of it, it corrodes internal tissues and creates dangerous bullet-like molecules called free radicals that fly around the body at light speed (kind of like a really bouncy rubber ball in a glass store). As the internal tissues become corroded by the acid and banged hard by the free radicals, the tissues become inflamed and damaged. Cholesterol then arrives on the scene to patch the holes, and if the sugar damage is constant (meaning someone eats poorly all the time), this process clogs the arteries and/or small vessels.

Clogged and damaged vessels in the eyes cause blindness; clogged and damaged vessels in the kidney cause kidney failure; and clogged and damaged vessels in the penis causes impotence, etc. The sugar starts the clogging, plain and simple. The cholesterol and inflammation come second. The sugar comes first. Taking medications to reduce inflammation/high cholesterol is not logical when bad diet is never addressed.

It is odd that our hospitals serve us the foods that cause excess blood sugar while we wait in the emergency room or when we are admitted as patients. When is the last time you received a fundraising request to start serving healthy food in the hospital? This in a day and age where 12,000 boxes of Kraft Dinner at the Cornwall Square is titled the “Wall of Hope.” As Dr. Thomas Lodi often says, “we cannot cure disease unless we stop making disease.”

If you want to learn how to reverse type II diabetes and all the other diseases listed above, go to and search “Dr. Mark Hyman Reverse Diabetes.”

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