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How many of you are concerned, very concerned about the condition of the face of hockey. True, hockey was and never should be about one player, but the face of the game appears to be in serious trouble.

I am referring to Sidney Crosby.

Gretzky, Lemieux, Howe, Hull, Lafleur all know what their worth was to the game, yet never made it all about them. Perhaps, Lemieux may have sounded off at times about clutching and grabbing and Wayne Gretzky stated his case many times, but all for the good of the game.

On January 1 last, like many hockey fans, we settled in to watch the Caps and Pens skate in the outdoor game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. You have all seen the hit followed by another blind side hit a few nights later and poof; Sidney was gone. What started out as a serious concussion, that in time would take care of itself, has now threatened to sideline one of the most incredible talents the game as ever produced. And, we should all be very scared, that the bold truth of it all is that Sidney Crosby may never play again. Why be scared?

His talent and broad appeal that he has in the world is in jeopardy. He does things that make us stare at the television in awe and when he scored the Golden goal at the Olympics, our prayers to the hockey Gods had been answered with; of course, "Sid the Kid" would save us and allow us to breathe again. The greatest of the greats in all walks of life usually have a knack of performing on the grandest of stages and that goal was just another chapter.

The one thing about this day and ages concussed athlete is the knowledge we now possess to see the harm that could be created if a return to the action takes place too early.

Years ago, these guys shook off the cobwebs and were back the next period, announcers and coaches and players alike would comment, how tough the player was to be able to return. If you get your "bell rung" today, expect the precautionary few days to be just that, precautionary as in potentially a step forward in saving a quality of life down the road. I suspect that the plethora of experts at Sidney Crosby’s disposal, have explained that very real possibility in dealing with the worlds premier player and have mentioned, that even at the cusp of his career, Sidney Crosby is faced with a huge decision.

At this point, the Penguins are not using the old line day to day or week to week, they are looking at one thing, the health of a franchise hinging on the more serious health of their captain. Hockey Gods unite and make it right, the game has missed Sidney Crosby already.

Last week something happened in Baseball that had never happened before in the history of the fabled game. A team (New York Yankees) belted three grand slams in one game. Now, look at this for what it is. Imagine the total number of games played since the first professional game was played on May 4, 1871 when the Fort Wayne Kekiongas defeated Cleveland Forest Cities 2-0.

That’s 140 years ago. In case you are wondering, in September of 2011, the 200,000th regular season game will be played. I wondered after hearing about the epic night in New York last week, how many times during 136 years of Major League Baseball, that a team had a chance to hit three in a game. The answer; 35 teams shared the record of two in one game prior to the Yankees breaking the mark. The Yankees actually came to the plate sixteen times with the bases loaded in that game against Oakland and that alone is likely some sort of record. Another telling stat, during this same 140 year time period of recorded games, only twice have both teams combined for three grand slams in a game. Quite an accomplishment and go figure, the New York Yankees would be the team to do it.

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