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Man, when you take a break from something that you have been faithful to for four years - it’s rather humbling to hear people tell you that they miss you. Three weeks off from my little space in the paper and I thought I might come back with a review of a few things.

But first of all a few New Years resolutions: That the Montreal Canadiens get a General Manager that stops calling everyone Mister. That the Maple Leafs actually find a way to stay in the playoff hunt. That the Ottawa Senators make the playoffs and that they see the wisdom in hiring a seasoned coach. Winnipeg, who cares what happens, they got their New Year’s present in the summer of 2011 and I still think that’s the story of the year. Calgary and Edmonton, pass for this year and the Canucks get another shot at the big prize. I can only hope that when the TSN panel decides to call me again that I am actually home to answer the call.

As to the review, the World Junior Tourney stunned us all again and really, does it matter that we did not get to the gold medal game. In the purely Canadian, hockey is our game attitude; yes it does matter, but the tournament, what an absolutely wonderful event. Young and old marvel at the innocence of youth and embrace the tournament as one of the most loved hockey events of the season. Add to the fact the tourney is played in Canada and that just makes it all the more special. It’s going to be a void of sorts for the next couple of years and maybe that will take the home ice pressure off of our kids. Did anyone feel bad for the Russians after the gold medal game - you should have because they nearly pulled off the biggest upset ever - even bigger than last years stunning comeback over Canada - had they scored on the two on one with five seconds to go - they would have won a game they had no business winning. For Sweden, they were due and for that we should all congratulate them for a job well done.

Changing gears to Football, what a great weekend we have set up - I have to think the AFC is going to be Baltimore and New England. I just do not see any upsets coming this year. As far as the NFC, the match ups are dream games, Giants at Green Bay and New Orleans at San Francisco. I have to think Drew Brees and the Saints will come out stronger and be more dominant early on. If they do the 49ers could be in trouble. As for the Packers and Giants, I say pick-em and the one thing that makes me say Packers is that the Giants may have taken a few bumps and bruises against Atlanta. If that ware and tear is too much the Packers should come out on top. Don’t ever count out a Manning though and the Giants could be spoilers again, even though they should not be touted as such going into the game.

I have a few interesting stories coming up in the next few weeks and months that require a little research to do them justice. This history stuff has me digging around and so far I have not been told to mind my own business, thus the digging will continue on these two perplexing searches. One that will be of the historical sports variety involves a carved wooden hatchet and the other is Civil War related, that’s right, U.S. Civil War, blue and the grey and all that stuff. Happy New Year everyone!

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