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Well, here we go again. Another brand new year is upon us and many people like our mayor in last week’s column, look ahead to the year with optimism and a year loaded with challenges. Every year is exactly the same—just the challenges change.

I hope the holiday season was good to you and I trust you’re ready to knuckle down to make yourself a better person and to make Cornwall a better place to live.

We have many challenges before us to not only make Cornwall a better place to live but the world (sounds pompous I know but check it out).

Afghanistan … I know we’re getting out next year but as much good people THINK we’re doing, it’s becoming more apparent that we’re just offering up sacrifices in human lives. We either go in with allied forces and do this little skirmish up right (and end it in a week) or we get out. This is another Vietnam with no winners. Support our troops? Yes! Absolutely, but I’m tired of offering them up on a silver platter. Our Highway of Heroes is getting way too much use. What a shame.

But hey, if you want to discuss this with your MP in your area, you’ve got plenty of time. Parliament is not back in session until March. No Commons, no Question Period, no committee meetings, no nothing it appears. But if there’s another bribe cheque to hand out using your over-taxed money, they’ll be there with bells on. Then you can ask them about the crumpled bodies of young people that keep coming back to Canada in flag-draped coffins. As a reporter said as he watched the Hindenburg crash and burn, “The humanity of it all.”

Locally, 2010…repair the phenomenal damage created by the closure of our border. Well, we know nothing’s going to happen here until the spring because as we said earlier Parliament is on hiatus until March and bureaucrats being bureaucrats will now give all of a us a lesson in “wheel-spinning” until the government sits again. If and when we get this nonsense straightened out, then let’s, as Mayor Kilger alluded to in his thoughts last week in this column, get rid of that friggin’ monstrosity that was built for another era, and another purpose that never happened and get a span that reflects the era we’re in that can promote goodwill and good commerce. Wait a minute. A silly bridge can’t do that, only people. Okay, that part will take a while.

Let’s move forward with our new rec complex. If I recall we’ve got the bribe money from our senior levels of government so let’s move forward. Seriously, a lot of people have worked very hard on this thing and many more will do so. There will always be those who want Cornwall to return to oiled dirt roads and hate progress. They’ve had their say now let’s move on.

The Cornwall Inquiry. It’s time to heal. I know, easier said than done but I have confidence in the integrity, strength and character of the many victims who shared their stories and had their day in court. I told you from the beginning that no one would be hung out to dry. That wasn’t the inquiry’s mandate and the final report bore that out. I know there are many in our community, who wanted to see high profile people or former high profile people tarred and feathered as young boy pedophiles, but it didn’t happen. I said way back when, the outcome of this inquiry would still leave the community divided and it has for that very reason. But it’s time to move on as best we can. Cornwall is better than that and we can’t dwell on the past forever. I can’t possibly imagine the horror of what happened but I can certainly hope that there will be direction and programs for victims to move on with their lives. We owe them that.

Personally for me, 2009 sucked…terrible year…sure some blessings, every year has blessings of some sort….and yes, I know my year was far better than others and I should remember that but I’m at an age where I don’t have to remember that. This one is about me and 2009 was a terrible year. But enough about me.

2010—I don’t trust the year yet, but I will embrace it (like I have any other choice) and even if it’s just an ordinary year in my life, it will be better than the abomination that just ended. So like I say I don’t trust 2010 yet, but so far so good. I hope yours will be a prosperous, healthy, ah, change that that, let’s make it a healthy, prosperous one. I’ve come to learn that “health” is pretty well everything and anything after that us a bonus.

I know there will be some people that may write in or may just think that this guy (me) is pretty negative and the year’s just starting. Actually, I feel encouraged and although some comments may sound harsh to you, they’re just my thoughts and I have nothing to apologize for.

Bottom line: Thank goodness 2009 is gone—I drink to its demise—welcome 2010—show me some sunshine and please before too long answer the controversial question of the year.

Is it Two-thousand-and-ten or Twenty-ten?

I’m John Divinski.

Organizations: Hindenburg

Geographic location: Cornwall, Afghanistan, Vietnam Canada

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