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Not only is this good, it’s fun too and Cornwall has a good shot at it.

If the voting on the new Monopoly game board was over as of this writing (Sat. Jan. 30th), Cornwall would earn a spot as one of the “Wildcard Cities” on the board. Cornwall sits in second place and only the top two wild cards get on the board.

Recently I talked with Marisa Pedatella at Hasbro Canada, manufacturers of the game just about everyone has played in their lifetime, “Monopoly.”

Here’s the deal if you haven’t already heard about it. We all remember some of the board locations in the game, Baltic Avenue; Pennsylvania Avenue, and of course the ritzy Park Place and Boardwalk (when you landed on these spots and another player had hotels on these, it pretty well wiped you out play money and the game was over for you).

Well, this time around Pedatella tells me the 22 available spots on the board will be filled by the top 20 cities, that have been voted on in a pre-determined list of 65 cities—all based on population size. Why Cornwall didn’t make it in this list is beyond me, but perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise. The last time I checked how the voting was going on the big cities was several weeks ago and Calgary was in the lead and Toronto was in 19th spot. On January 30th, I checked to see the latest top 20 on the website but they’ve taken them down to apparently add a little zest and mystery to the final days of voting.

However Pedatella says the top 20 wild card choices are still on the website and Cornwall is in number 2 spot. So it appears Cornwall will be a shoo-in for the second round of voting which begins next Monday, February 8th but you can never be too careful. Continue voting for the wild card and keep voting for Cornwall to guarantee its place in the top ten.

Once the second round of voting for the wild card locations begins next week, it’s only the top two that make the cut and onto the board. The wild card cities will occupy the spots currently held by Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues—the first two spots after Go and the so-called “low rent” property spaces. The wild card second round voting that begins next Monday and continues until February 21st. That means, everyone who has voted, probably everyday (you can vote once a day), will have to start all over again to make sure Cornwall stays in second spot or even the top spot.

Monopoly is just a game, I understand, and the voting is fun and has given Hasbro a ton of free promotional play across Canada, but if you think about it, having Cornwall featured on the newest Canadian edition of the game has its advantages.

At the very least, it should create some interest in this place called “Cornwall” for those across the country who may check out our website and may choose to visit on their next trip.

Marisa Pedatella says the winners in all of this will be announced in June sometime and the game board will be released to the public just before the Canada Day holiday. Timing is perfect. Find a cottage or an RV that doesn’t have or hasn’t had at one time or another, an old beat up game of Monopoly. However, this time it’s all about Canada and if you build a hotel on Cornwall and other players land on it, that’s money in the bank for you. It’s also possibly money in the bank for Cornwall too.

This only happens if we continue to vote daily for our Cornwall and make it the winner it deserves to be. We’re almost there but we need that final push.

By the way, I asked Marisa about those other squares that feature railroads and utilities and she says those won’t change. I suggested we could put in Hydro One or better yet Cornwall Electric but they weren’t buying it.

If you want to find out more about how you can support Cornwall in this fun way, log on to Then you set up your account which amounts to an e-mail address and password of your choice. Now you’re ready to vote every day to put Cornwall on the “monopoly” map. Well, considering Cornwall was in second spot on Saturday, January 30th, it tells me a lot of people are already supporting one of the greatest cities in Eastern Ontario.

In case you’re wondering, Banff, Alberta was the number one wild card so far followed by Cornwall, and then Kenora, Ontario to round out the top three.

Let’s just say we’ve been given the “Chance” to answer the “Opportunity” that is before us without having to “Go to Jail” and I think we should forget about “Free Parking” and start passing “Go” and collecting our money and our promotion as part of the upcoming Canadian cities Monopoly board.

I’m John Divinski.

Organizations: Hasbro, Park Place, Hydro One Monopoly board

Geographic location: Cornwall, Pennsylvania Avenue, Calgary Toronto Canada Ontario Banff Alberta Kenora

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