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There's another radio station in Cornwall but it's not necessarily for Cornwall residents. It's called Information Radio, 107.7FM and it's meant to catch the attention of motorists whizzing by the city on Highway 401.

Marketing and Events Coordinator for Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism, Candy Pollard says, "Basically it's a ten minute loop--a day in the life of Cornwall. We have opportunities to talk about how to invest in Cornwall; bringing your business to Cornwall," she says, "We need to let people know that there's something beyond that highway (401) that is very special. It gives us an opportunity to tell them about the special events that are going on in Cornwall that might entice them to get off the highway and visit the area."

The tourism group has partnered with Cornwall Economic Development to create the radio station at a cost of about $10,000.

Pollard says "The MTO statistics show that 17,000 vehicles go past this community daily on the 401. That blew me away. That's a lot of vehicles. We have no way to measure at this point how many people will tune into the radio station but hopefully people will do that and perhaps it will put us on the map, so to speak."

Pollard says she was travelling on Highway 401 returning to Cornwall from the Thousand Islands and tuned in. She heard the weather and road conditions provided by MTO. She also heard a piece by Bob Peters, Senior Development Officer for the city of Cornwall, talking about living in Cornwall and comparing real estate prices in Cornwall versus a large city. (He says a $400,000 property in the big smoke would only cost $200,000 in Cornwall and that would include riverfront property. He asks the listener to imagine what they could do with the money they've saved by locating in Cornwall.

There's also a piece on coming to Cornwall for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend.

Pollard says the station that has a signal that extends for about 10 kilometers is not in competition with other stations in the market. She says Information Radio is not selling nor do they plan on selling commercials that you would hear on mainstream radio.

Pollard admits that concerns have come in that say the station cannot be heard. "We are going through some growing pains and there's a little tweaking to be done. We are doing some adjusting to the signal. We can't blast it too far. It's meant to be heard about 10 kilometers along the highway," says Pollard.

Actually the Cornwall version of Information Radio can be heard anywhere in the world.

Just log onto Information Radio.ca and choose Cornwall (there are icons for stations in markets in the Maritimes and in Eastern Ontario).

On another subject, Valentine's Day is before us. Men are scrambling to get the right gift for their right person. Kids are giving valentines to everyone in their class and wondering why they don't getcards back from everyone as well.

It's a very stressful time but if done correctly, it can be a magical time--especially with Valentine's falling on a weekend. Tell those close to you how much you love them. It makes them feel great and you'll feel much better as well.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I’m John Divinski

Organizations: Cornwall Economic Development

Geographic location: Cornwall, Thousand Islands, Eastern Ontario

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