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Can you believe it?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has said “Thanks, but no thanks” to a meeting with Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger. Kilger wanted to talk about the border crossing/customs/port of entry issue. To me that means this controversial issue stalls and we continue on as it has been for a while.

There’s a make-shift border crossing on Brookdale Avenue since the other one, on Akwesasne land has been closed down ever since the announcement was made that border guards were going to be armed.

It appears some people think the guards would rather shoot than ask the purpose of your visit and a small fraction of natives wanted nothing to do with that scenario.

So we have a border crossing—a federal responsibility—that at times has been closed to traffic both ways; at times has been an intimidating ride to get to the U. S; and right now looks like a slip-shod crossing that should be avoided.

The problem is it is being avoided by as many people and trucks as can possibly move on somewhere else. That affects commerce in Cornwall and in these times, we don’t need another wall put up.

But enough of the history of this issue.

The big question now is why did Minister Toews turn down a meeting with our mayor? Apparently Mayor Kilger sent a letter to Towes at the turn of the New Year. Now Kilger finds out through MP Guy Lauzon that the meeting has been denied.

There is no rhyme or reason that I can see, for denying the meeting between the minister and the mayor, unless the federal government simply isn’t interested in solving this problem that affects the entire area.

For shame!

This area has supported the Conservative government through the election of Guy Lauzon since 2004 and now that we have an issue that should be dealt with by the federal government, they look the other way.

No reasons have been given why the meeting was denied but there’s some gobbledygook about some confidential information the minister may have at his disposal.

What is that supposed to mean?

I challenge Guy Lauzon to use his column in this publication to come clean on what to heck is going on with this issue. Stop telling me about the wonderful call centre (that one’s getting a little old) and all the other wonderful things you believe the Conservative government is doing and jump in with both feet on an issue that has affected your constituents directly for almost a year now. Don’t just be the messenger or a “soldier” of the Harper Conservatives. Tell us why this is happening and give us your opinion on how this is being handled. You have the outlet. You have your column in the Seaway News that everyone reads. Explain to us as our MP, what the hell is going on!

I’ve heard some people say that perhaps the solution is as simple as building a permanent port of entry exactly where it is. It appears to be working better than ever when catching the crooks (and they are crooks) with the “cheap smokes.”

Ok, fine, let’s move in that direction. But our federal government cannot just close up shop to this issue like they did to Parliament a while back. We need answers and frankly, we need an apology from Public Safety Minister Vic Toews who is not doing his job and we need an apology from MP Guy Lauzon who isn’t doing his as well. The citizens of Cornwall, SD & G, Akwesasne and those in nearby United States deserve better. The federal government would be down here in a hurry if we withheld our federal taxes; if we (meaning non-natives) closed down the border.

Really if this is the best you can do Guy—be a lackey for one of your ministers—then you better start looking for other work.

Ok Guy, starting writing. You have a column to produce. Have you got what it takes to tell the story and support our side for a change?

I’m John Divinski.

Organizations: Harper Conservatives, Seaway News

Geographic location: Cornwall, Brookdale Avenue

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