Protesting the HST and other things

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Well, are you ready for the whining and crying?

The gnashing of teeth?

The pleas of being hard done by and life not being fair?

You think I'm talking about the World Cup Soccer tournament, where a simple bump of one player into another, has both grabbing their shins, knees, thighs and other appendages in mortal pain.

Once they see they're not getting the call, they jump up, divinely healed wondering how the referee could be so blind, so callous, so cruel.

No, that's not what I'm talking about.

The whining and crying and gnashing of teeth and unheard pleas will be the unpeaceful protesters who live for G8 to G20 meetings, be they in Canada or elsewhere.  They will be out in force, doing illegal things, making idiots of themselves and when police and other security forces step in, it will be accusations of police brutality.

I have no compassion for those who feel their message is the most important one and the only way to get it across is anarchy.  It really has turned into a game hasn't it.  The meetings are called and one side prepares to protect those attending.  The other side also prepares, in great detail to make it as difficult as possible to have the meetings in the first place.

I don't know if these G8 and G20 meetings do any good.  I do know that a lot of the cost is for security and it’s from these illegal protesting bums that think they have the answer to the world's problems.

Their answer is violence and force.

So go ahead and get your head bashed in.

Go ahead and get arrested.

Don't look for sympathy from this corner -- there is none.


Well how about that.

            I got a personal letter from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.  Well, alright it’s not a personal letter.  It’s not signed by the premier but it’s typed right in there as plain as day at the end of the epistle, “Sincerely, Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario.”

            The letter contained the first installment of my bribe, using my own money anyway.  Now the government calls it the Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit.  There is some bureaucrat buried in Queen’s Park who is as proud as punch because he or she came up with that moniker.  Doesn’t matter what it’s called, I got my $100 cheque.  It really was in the mail.

            Attached to the cheque was a commercial for the Harmonized Sales Tax.  The commercial says the tax changes which the Liberals think is the best thing since sliced bread, will help create 591,000 jobs.  It won’t create them outright.  It will help create them which to me means several other ducks have to be in a row as well but I don’t know what those “ducks” are so the half a million jobs to me is a “maybe.”

            The letter goes on to say that it’s helping me through a transition so that’s why I’m getting the Sales Tax Transition Benefit. 

If this tax is so good, how come I need help getting through it?

Not only that, apparently I’ll need help in December of this year and June of next year.  Wow!  That’s a lot of help.

I can hear the detractors out there saying, “If you so dead set against getting the cheque then why don’t you give it back?”

No way!

It’s my money in the first place and I’ll take it back any time.  If this was the government’s hard-earned (sort of an oxymoron there) money, then we’d have to think about it.  But you know and I know that money is ours in the first place.  That’s what makes this “bribe” so insulting.  But bottom line, it’s money and I’m taking it.

Look out Ontario, here comes the HST and I still can’t find anyone who likes it.


Happy Canada Day one and all.  Wherever you’re going take extra money.  Dalton and gang need those transition benefits back.

I’m John Divinski.

Organizations: Ontario Sales Tax Transition Benefit

Geographic location: Ontario, Canada

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