City hall gauging employee morale via survey

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The city will provide a survey to its employees later this year, including those who are employed by public works like the individuals above.

Later this year city hall is going to take the pulse of its 700 employees in a massive employment survey – the first of its kind that has been used to gauge the mood of those who work for the city, regardless of department.

Dail Levesque, the city’s human resources manager, told council’s budget steering committee Friday that by September the survey is expected to be rolled out that will cover a variety of topics related to employee satisfaction.

“We’re excited about drawing that line in the sand, and knowing exactly what our employees expect of us,” Levesque told the committee. “We need to determine exactly what our employees are expecting of us, and what we expect of them.”

The move was welcomed by city councillors, who agreed it’s time for city hall to measure the morale of its employees. It has been years since the city reached out to its employees in such a fashion, though this survey plans to go fairly deep compared to previous efforts.

“We’re going to focus on employee engagement, professional growth, teamwork,” Levesque said, hitting just a few of the topics to be discussed in the anonymous survey. “We’re going to hit a whole bunch of pockets – and it’s all internal.”

Coun. Bernadette Clement said allowing employees to vent their concerns could alleviate problems down the road.

“One of the big things that the employees want to know is that once they give their answers, there will be follow-up,” she said.

Coun. Gerry Samson took it a step further and suggested the city shouldn’t wait until it rolls out a survey before collecting input from employees.

“I’d like to see some kind of suggestion box…regardless of what department it is,” he said. “We’re losing a lot of potential good ideas.”

City council is expected to get a look at the survey later this year, before it is provided to employees.

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