Pump your brakes for school bus: police

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By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario –Cornwall police have zero tolerance for motorists zooming past school buses as children make their way to and from school.

Slow down for school buses.

Every year it's an issue for city cops and in 2014 at least five complaints have already surfaced in the last two weeks.

"People are driving by the bus when the lights are activated and the arm is out," said Cornwall Police Const. Dan Cloutier.

Motorists choosing speed over safety risk facing a $490 fine and the loss of six demerit points.

Police will be following school buses to spot violators and in some cases officers will spend time aboard travelling in known trouble spots.

The ride along officer will report violators to a nearby patrol vehicle to ensure the offender is apprehended and fined.

To help catch a speeder, school bus operators are now equipped with violation forms. This form contains details of the alleged offence such as, licence number of the offending vehicle, location, date and time of the offence, and a description of the driver.

"The introduction of the school bus violation form has been a major factor in reducing the number of violations, however the numbers are still too high. One offence is one too many," said Cloutier. "Your children are still at risk and their safety is threatened with each of these incidents."

Fines for these offences are as follows:

•Section 175 (11) H.T.A. Fail to stop for school bus, meeting: $490.00 & six demerit points

•Section 175 (12) H.T.A.Fail to stop for school bus, overtaking: $490.00 & six demerit points

•Section 175 (12) H.T.A.Stop within 20 metres of school bus: $490.00 & six demerit points

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