MPP takes aim at Grits over job creation

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MPP Jim McDonell

CORNWALL, Ontario - Local MPP Jim McDonell continues to put pressure on the government to implement a comprehensive jobs strategy.

“Jobs are still leaving Ontario, yet Premier Wynne and the Liberals are yet to acknowledge the existence of a jobs crisis, let alone deliver a plan to bring us back to economic growth” – commented MPP McDonell. “Ontario has a highly skilled workforce – it is our duty to ensure job-creators can come to Ontario and help our Province realize its potential.”

January marked the 85th consecutive month that Ontario’s unemployment rate sat above the national average.

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Act, to be introduced when the Legislature returns later in February, is designed to immediately begin creating jobs, McDonell said in a release.

“Over the year she has been Premier, Kathleen Wynne has continued Dalton McGuinty’s policy of kicking the can down the road” McDonell said. “However long they ignore the problem, it won’t go away. It was Liberal policies that made our business environment uncompetitive – it is time to change direction and make the tough decisions that will return our Province to prosperity. If the Liberals can’t and won’t deliver, the Ontario PC Caucus has a plan and has shared it with Ontarians. The sooner we implement it, the sooner we can regain our place as the economic engine of Canada.”

Organizations: Ontario PC Caucus

Geographic location: Ontario, Canada

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Recent comments

  • Bob
    February 10, 2014 - 03:18

    Ontario still is and always will be the economic engine of Canada, creating 40 percent of GDP. Harper's Oilbertistan gimmick ha s ashelf life. It's not a real economy, it is a 3rd world one trick pony and it's terrifying that conservatives continue to praise it. Perhaps they could take a lesson from Rob Ford who presides over a city with a 10 percent unemployment rate, higher than the provincial average under Liberal stewardship.

    • Taxguy
      February 10, 2014 - 03:54

      Half-baked sound bites don't cut it, "Bob". I could point out that Rob Ford is only one fiscally responsible vote in a sea of irresponsible councillors pandering for left wing votes. It matters little since most of Toronto's woes are foisted upon it by the Wynn Liberals who, after all, have the ultimate say. Wynn could have removed Rob Ford from office whenever she saw fit. That is part of her power. Ever wonder why she hasn't done it? Methinks that she likes anything that distracts from her own incompetence.

    • Bob
      February 10, 2014 - 04:46

      "Taxguy", there are major cracks in your incoherent rambling. Ford himself claimed the unemployment rate was much lower. You are confessing he is a fraud by failing to debunk my "sound bite". Is he one of those left wing panderers? Is his tax raising 3.5 billion dollar subway a Liberal plot? If Ford or his behaviour has nothing to do with the incompetence how would Wynne keeping him in power create a distraction for her? That's as crazy as saying the Wall Street right wing free market deregulation that created the recession was a "Liberal" creation. Crazy talk. Crazy town.

    • Bob
      February 10, 2014 - 04:56

      The right gang kooks were hysterical at the thought of Wynne removing Ford, a Liberal conspiracy they slurred ! When she didn't remove him the gang still slurred it's a left wing conspiracy ! With this conservative lunacy the mayoral face of the city I can see why the unemployment rate is higher than the province. Crazy town is in need or a sober change of leadership ! Fast !