Omnibus march calls for PM's resignation

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By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario - Roughly a dozen people held a peaceful anti-Harper demonstration at the foot of the new low-level bridge.

Across the country, and in Cornwall, an omnibus march against Prime Minister Stephen Harper took place on Saturday, as part of a national day of action.

City cops manned the intersection of Brookdale Avenue and Water Street as a small group criticized the federal government for using omnibus bills to streamline an entire bill instead of voting on each act separately. They considered this type of politics to be detrimental to the country's ecosystems and waterways, labour rights, and farmers’ rights.

One demonstrator surrounded himself with several signs that said, 'Re New Our Health Accord,' and 'Idle No More We No The Truth.'

"I'm here today because I believe in human rights and equality," said Mike Menard. "I'm trying to put the word out there to see if other people will stand up against all the corruption in the world."

Menard, a Cornwall resident, feels that Canada's forestry is being sold off and the country's water is being polluted. He didn't consider the demonstration a protest. Instead he felt it was a chance to raise awareness in a positive way and bring people together from both sides of the bridge.

"It's not all about native people putting up signs. It's for all Canadians to be aware," he said. "Natives want to stand together with Canadians in what we belief as equalty - saving our waters, forestry, and air that we breathe for our future kids. I hope a lot of people will stand with us."

Adam Merpaw, 21, stood by the bridge to raise awareness on environmental issues.

"I'm here to help rally some followers to protest what the government is doing," said Merpaw. "The Fraser River is being destroyed slowly and surely."

Then Ms. McLeod arrived.

The woman describes herself as a "helper" of the demonstration, and vehemently opposes any use of the word protest in contrast to the march.

"We're just trying to get people and the public educated on what's going on because it affects everybody," said McLeod. "There's all these oil spills, they're taking the farmers' lands, peoples' private lands. They want to tell all the First Nations we have no more rights and they're going to take away our land, we can't use our own law- 'The Great Law' - this is why we're doing this."

To show the prime minister that the group of demonstrators are serious about their disapproval of the current governement pink termination slips were being mailed to parliament.

McLeod asked demonstrators to join her in Akwesasne for further discussions.

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