CRAZY CROPS: Can you match the size of this squash?

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Giovanni Fillela's squash is so big...well, see for yourself.

CORNWALL, Ontario - It's that time of year again, when newspaper switchboards light up with calls from local gardeners - amateurs and professionals alike - who claim to have the world's biggest...fill in the blank.

Up first this year is Cornwall's Giovanni Filella, who managed to create a squash in his Kingslea Crescent backyard that looks mor elike a battering ram.

The massive gourd (squashes are gourds, don't you know?) measures in at 50 inches in length, six inches in diameter and weighs a whopping 22 pounds - and it's still growing.

Filella said his annual garden regimen didn't change at all this year, just plenty of love and the odd dash of fertilizer combined to create his squash masterpiece.

"It's really the biggest I've ever grown," he exclaimed. "I don't really know anything about gardening."

Despite its size and new-found fame the squash really has very little to look forward to once its 15 minutes of fame are up.

Filella plans to carve it into chunks and share some with his children, while also grinding up much of it to be used as a puree while creating his patented homemade pasta.

If you have a massive tomato, crazy-looking carrot or a celery stalk that just won't quit (when you read that it sure looks suggestive) please send us a photo at and we'll be sure to add it to our online gallery of Crazy Crops.

We're even looking for potatoes that look like Elvis, Stephen Harper, or your Uncle Murray.

Geographic location: Ontario

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