Clerk’s office hosting election info session for candidates

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CORNWALL, Ontario - The city clerk’s office is hosting an information session for all those interested in running as a candidate in the 2014 Municipal and School Board Election in October.

The session will take place Sept. 4, from 6 to 9 pm in Salon A of the Civic Complex.

Participants will learn about governance models; roles and responsibilities; time commitments; the election process and rules and regulations regarding campaign finances.

“It’s a good educational opportunity for declared candidates and those considering running for office,” said city clerk Helen Finn. “Participants will gain a better understanding of how local government works and the requirements and responsibilities that come with being an elected official.”

This session is being provided in conjunction with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and is not a forum for political debate.

The election will be held on Oct. 27 and the deadline to file a nomination as a candidate is Sept. 12 at 2 p.m.

For more information on the election, please visit

Organizations: Municipal and School Board Election, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Geographic location: Ontario

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Recent comments

  • Andrea Torrance
    September 18, 2014 - 19:18

    Gary W. Samler How do you plan on building a better Gornwall? By letting the people of Cornwall realize that we can no longer afford to keep our current Mayor and Council, We  need to first change those already sitting at council. We need to  improve our permit system and cut all the red tape stopping small  businesses from growing. We need to find out why Economic Development is not promoting our city better. We need to clean  up our city image.We need to look at our transit both local and beyond our boundries.We need to stop raising taxes every year and learn to live within our means. We are already living and prospering. Yes, the rich are getting richer while the poor and middle class remain the same struggling to remain in their homes.Since 2010 ZERO has been done by this Mayor and Council to improve the quality of life for those not living on the Mayor's sunshine list and  living in poverty. How do you plan on changing politics in Cornwall? The old boys club who have been running this city into the ground for the past many years have been depending on voter apathy and low voter turnout to continue their strong rein on the city. With more and more people starting to wake up after years of corruption, scandals,coverups, mismanagement, partisan handouts, legal fees to cover their misdeeds I think it is time to speak out by voting in honest, reliable people  with the goal to better our city and not get in just to support their self interests.My door will remain open for the public and I am ready and willing to listen to any ideas or criticism on my performance at council whether considered good or bad. Sitting in Council are you making a change for yourself or for every backbreaking hardworking man and woman who wake up every morning building the city ... while you sit on yourchair at city hall ? For over 45 years now I have always been a hard working person who has worked  at many backbreaking jobs in my life to support my family and hope to retire soon. For many years now after serving my country in the military I have lived my life as a selfless philantheopist.I have dedicated my life to helping others. I have worked hard in my community volunteering and helping those who are homeless and living in poverty. I have been actively supporting anti- bullying, suicide prevention and working on many other issues of social justice which I feel are so important to me and our society. In 2011 my wife and I were co-winners of a community activism award given out by the Labour Council for our hard work on social activism in the community.Currently I continue to work helping vets deal with PTSD and other problems after their military service. In 2010, I was against our city wasting money to buy the new chairs around that table. How can you bring hope to Cornwall? Sitting with other members of council we can start by being accountable and live within our means without raising taxes every year. We can bring integrity back to city hall and  work on real issues that will prosper our growth and not deal in back door meetings where our city ends up with chemical tanks on our waterfront and the values of our voters will be important and listened to instead of being ignored as being done this term by our current Mayor and Council. Move away from the past as it did not work and move forward for our future. What work are you going to do to make Cornwall better for everyone at every age? Visit seniors where they live and listen to their concerns, as for young people let them know that local politics is very important and that they need to be part of what is going on at city hall as they are our future and speak out with any concerns or issues they may have. I would also like to see more being done to help those living in poverty and see money given to help the poor be used to help the poor and not be used for other issues.  Please explain transparent government? I think that it is very important for our next local government to be open and accountable to prevent any idea of corruption. Our next government should be openly releasing all information on where and how our tax dollars are being spent and how our services are performing. Closed meetings being held by our current staff have been deemed illegal and information being withheld from the public has left us with Tanks on our waterfront and the persecution of local whistleblowers. What will you be fighting for? I will fight to close the inequality between the very rich and the very poor. I will fight against bullying from any member of our city working against any citizen wanting to improve our city. ie: withholding permits to delay growth due to any personal prejudice or bias. I will fight against wasteful spending of tax dollars for personal interests of any member. I will fight against ALL injustice in our city. What are your values? Family - Honesty - Loyalty - Respect . Will you remember and think of the voters who voted you in while sitting in that chair? YES! YES! YES! Being a team member I will need the support of all the people in our city to make the changes needed to improve living in our community. I have never needed or required any large amounts of money for my happiness. As long as I have enough to keep myself healthy and my family healthy and happy that is all I require. I will be thankful for the opportunity to represent my city not use it as an opportunity for personal gain like most of the other candidates. I have worked hard all my life and at times we struggled but being lazy was never an option for me. I like to think if the right opportunity were given to the lazy people freeloading off the system they would rather work than live on welfare.  How hard are you willing to work for it? After retiring from the military my family moved to Cornwall as a place with a world of possibilities. I wanted a safe clean place for my family to live. Watching our current Mayor and council destroy this city and block all and any growth due to their incompetance in my opinion. I felt that I could be the change needed for Cornwall to prosper for everyone here and not just those living on the sunshine list. I never quit and even with big odds against me at ever winning a seat at Coucil I will never give up on something I strongly believe in as an unknown cadidate. Any job worth having is going to require work and I am willing to give 100% to my campaign in the hope that the voters see me as someone having served his country now deserves a chance to serve his community.  I want to thank you Andrea for your interest and support in my campaign and should you have any other questions about me or my platform feel free to ask me. I am also so glad to see young people here taking an interest in what is going on in local politics.  Sincerely, Gary W. Samler