Is HPV vaccination safe for your child?

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Is HPV vaccination safe for your child?

Dear Editor,

The EOHU is listing in the reference section of their ‘contingency plan for health emergencies including pandemic influenza’ numerous government agencies including the organization that uses the mantra: Bacteria—they’re the only culture some people have. “Spare me from more H1N1 stories and bad news” might be your response when you see the headlines ‘vaccination.’ No, it’s another one (even though there are for sure many similarities with the H1N1 propaganda), but equally important to follow and to be aware of. Please read on!

Any parent with a daughter attending Grade 8 has most likely or hopefully received a HPV questionnaire/consent form that has been distributed through the school system by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU). At first glance that might not be such a big deal but after closer scrutiny of the program and the way it is being delivered to the children and their parents I have decided to use this forum to express my sincere concerns.

HPV (Human papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted disease spread during sexual activity (intercourse) and/or touching with an infected person. The majority of the adult population does carry the virus already whereby we have to keep in mind that there are over one hundred and fifty types of HPV viruses in existence. Only two of them (HPV strains # 16 and 18) are causing 70% of cervical cancer; strain # 6 and # 11 are causing 90% of genital warts. HPV is a common virus and most people don’t even know that they are HPV carrier, particularly because the incubation period can vary from a very short period of time to many years in most cases. The disease manifests itself through vaginal infections and warts and the overwhelming majority of cases are cleared by the body’s own immune system. Women 40 and older and those with repeated infections are most at risk to develop cancer in the uterus (women age 60 and over show the highest rate of all) according to Cancer research of the UK (see chart below). Reading the EOHU’s own questionnaire we find out that the vaccine shows good protection only for five years after vaccination (that would mean up to the age of 17!) but not thereafter!

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I certainly do not want to diminish the danger of HPV and the fact that there are about 400 deaths reported annually in Canada but at the same time we have to keep the HPV threat in perspective with other dangers of death (e.g., in comparison, the Canadian Medical Association has determined that more than 24.000 people die each year in Canada due to medical errors!). If you do the math it means that the chance to die from medical error is 60 times higher than it is from HPV! Surely this is shocking news to you as it is to me.

The EOHU is promoting the vaccination against HPV through the school system using English and French consent forms without signature sections. So in theory a 12-year-old girl can fill in the form by herself, hand it in to the school and the parent will never even find out about it! The English form unlike the French one is requiring a signature but I have heard about students’ intents to falsify the signature in order to get the shot and be able to engage in early sexual activity. Sounds like the EOHU is applying an obvious peer pressure tactic to push the vaccine on the young children. I contacted the EOHU, who is responsible for the vaccine’s delivery policy in our region to discuss my concerns and suggested to send a proper consent form by mail directly to the parents. The lack of proper mailing addresses (how come?) and the cost factor for the mailing was stated as a hindrance to comply. The 95 cents it would cost to send a questionnaire seem minimal and certainly worthwhile to any objective observer, particularly in comparison to the 400 to 500 dollars the federal government is dishing out to Merck for each vaccination! The EOHU was also trying to make me believe that 12-year-old girls would not require the parents consent and can take the vaccination without the parents knowledge! The EOHU own questionnaire was adapted with permission from the Toronto Health Unit but unlike the Toronto form the EOHU form is failing to point out the requirement of the parent’s consent!

You have to ask yourself, who would really want to be injected with a list of toxic ingredients in the form of a vaccine named ‘Gardasil’ produced by Merck. The pharmaceutical Company Merck certainly is using every avenue to sell their product. According to an August 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Merck has been found donating big money ($750,000,00 US) to various interest groups like the American College Health Association, the American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists to be used to employ virtually the same marketing campaign strategy Merck is suggesting. “This clearly shows how Merck was able to influence opinion leaders in the medical field to promote the vaccine without presenting any of the downsides,” said Diane M. Harper of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, who helped test the vaccine for Merck but has criticized the company’s activities. “This shows how they were able to influence physicians.” A 20th of September 2009 article by The Canadian points out according to D. M. Harper that the vaccine has not been tested for effectiveness in younger girls, and administering the vaccine to girls as young as 9 may not even protect them at all. And, in the worst-case scenario, instead of serving to reduce the numbers of cervical cancers within 25 years, such a vaccination crusade actually could cause the numbers to go up. D. M. Harper says: ‘It is silly to mandate vaccination of eleven- to twelve-year-old girls. There also is not enough evidence gathered on side effects to know that safety is not an issue.” Her conclusion is: “Giving it to eleven-year-olds is a great big public health experiment.”

Two years ago, The Toronto Star reported that Merck Frosst Canada Ltd hired public relations giant Hill & Knowlton to push the immunization strategies using some well-connected lobbyists: Ken Boessenkool, a former senior policy adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Bob Lopinski, formerly with Premier Dalton McGuinty’s office; and Jason Grier, former chief of staff to Health Minister George Smitherman. Harper’s Conservative Government approved Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil in July 2006 and later announced a $300-million program to give the vaccine to girls from ages 9 to 13. That, of course ,is only the beginning of what Merck likely hopes will be a much larger vaccination of all potentially sexually active women in Canada who are not already HPV infected. Consequently, the McGuinty’s Ontario Liberals, on the advice of his Health Minister George Smitherman, announced that all Grade 8 girls will have free access to Gardasil.

One of the major complaints by physicians is that the HPV vaccination program has been implemented before adequate testing has been completed. Long-term effects of the vaccine remain unknown. Many are asking why the seemingly reckless rush?

At least one answer to that question comes from the fact that Merck is still currently the sole provider of an HPV vaccine in Canada with its Gardasil product. A competing HPV vaccine, Glaxo Smith Kline’s Cervarix, is still waiting for approval and set to hit the market soon after. As more children are vaccinated with Gardasil, fewer will be able to later receive the necessary repeat boosters of a competing, incompatible vaccine. Merck is in a race to capture as much of the market as it can, consuming many millions of taxpayer dollars.

Public health officials continually make false claims regarding the safety of Merck’s HPV-based anti-cervical cancer vaccine. So, how safe is the vaccine and its booster really and what is in it?

Here are some of the ingredients: -Aluminum -Polysorbate 80 (causes infertility in mice) -Sodium borate (a common roach killer causing unconsciousness, seizures and death)

The HPV vaccine itself contains 225 micrograms of aluminum. The three required shots of this “safe” vaccine will deliver 675 micrograms of aluminum into the bodies of the targeted Grade 8 girls. Aluminum is a known nerve poison. Like mercury—now taken out of most vaccines except for Hepatitis B and the annual flu shot—aluminum crosses the blood brain barrier and has been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. Merck openly admits that they don't know if Gardasil will actually prevent cancer at all. After all, the incubation period for cervical cancer is 15 to 20 years. Merck has only watched their patients from 18 month to three years.

In recent times, more and more reports of problems associated with Gardasil have surfaced, and some of the negative reactions were not only extremely serious but included death. Generally, symptoms and reactions associated with Gardasil include • seizures • spontaneous abortion • anaphylactic shock • Guillain-Barre syndrome • optic lesions • convulsions • paralysis • coma • blood clots • death

Looking south of the border, as of May 11, 2007, the 1,637 adverse vaccination reactions reported to the FDA via the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) included 371 serious reactions. Of the 42 women who received the vaccine while pregnant, 18 experienced side effects ranging from spontaneous abortion to fetal abnormalities.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CBC News on July 7, 2008) an estimated 8,000 ‘adverse Gardisil reaction’ reports have been compiled and it appears that these adverse reactions know no age limit.

Merck’s financial motives ($1.5 billion and more) can easily be established. But what is the EOHU’s motive for pushing the HPV vaccination so hard and is failing in its duty as the ‘Health Unit’ to promote any of the preventative methods to avoid infections of HPV? They could point to the fact that since introduction of the regular pap test the cases of HPV have dramatically dropped due to early detection of an infection and the chance for cure has therefore dramatically increased. They as well fail to point out that if a woman is already a HPV carrier, the vaccination will most likely trigger severe response by the immune system! That is the reason why they target Grade 8 students! In some states of the USA doctors are questioning the girls (in front of their parents?) if they had been already sexually active in order to avoid this scenario of adverse reaction.

I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to every individual’s motives. You are asking what are mine as a parent for writing this letter. Very simple: to protect my child from injury! So, I am asking you, what are yours? Are you willing to continue listening to the propaganda machine of Big Pharma (think of HPV and H1N1), follow orders blindly ‘from above’ and continue to act as an enabler or are you courageous enough to make independent decisions based on good conscious and your own diligent research?

It is time to shake our apathy and ask ourselves the question if we are under the leadership of people who have the character to handle authority and decision making power with the well-being of the general public in mind!

Heinz Kaswurm, Alexandria

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