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Dear Editor,

I would like to answer my fellow senior citizen from South Stormont, re: his letter of January, 7. Yes I know the HST was originally a federal initiative, but at that time, Dalton McGuinty is quoted as saying, “that the citizens of Ontario could not afford this tax at that time.”

I guess two years of flagrant spending, mismanagement by McGuinty and a recession changed his mind. He needs money and will get it from us, the citizens. He also signed off control of our taxation and the fact that the HST cannot be rescinded or lowered at any time time in the future!

Please do some research on McGuinty's spending since he has been in power and some of his mismanagement of e-health, Hydro One and the Ontario Lottery. Remember how he fired K. McDougald in a panic to show he was doing something? He has now paid her off to the tune of 3 million dollars. Remember S. Kramer of e-health? She got over $300,000. D. Brown of Ontario lottery got over $700,000 and now Tom Parkinson gets 3 million.

That is the way he does business, a knee jerk reaction and then has to pay them off with our money. He doesn't care, it's not his money and the extra money from the HST will go to more of his mistakes!

I hope the senior from South Stormont will think of McGuinty’s spending the next time he cashes in his mutual funds and gets an extra 8% tax hit and still thinks the HST is good fiscal policy!

Remember we are now a have-not province thanks to Dalton McGuinty! Hank Smulders,


Organizations: Dear Editor, Hydro One, Ontario Lottery

Geographic location: South Stormont, Ontario

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