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Dear Editor,

I have previously attacked the premise of man-made global warning, explaining in detail my convictions that we are, in fact, experiencing a natural global warming phenomenon. I do believe, however, that it is wrong to be just negative since it is important we put our minds to work to seek answers to the potential problems confronting our fellow citizens across this planet. There are ways through which we might be preparing for the effects of such a natural occurrence and I will share my thoughts on methods we could, and perhaps should, adopt. Imagine how much money has been expended on travel, hotels and food for the hundreds of politicians, and their entourages, who have travelled to distant lands, on the taxpayers' dollars, seeking ways of changing nature, looking for answers to a so-called man-made global warming problem. It must be a phenomenal amount. So what if the oceans rise and the Arctic, once more, becomes forested - the scenarios the eco-terrorists are spreading fear about. No, I am not forgettting all those people who live at the present ocean level and will be endangered because there may be a solution. The Arctic has been melting for more than a century, remember the Titanic being sunk after hitting an iceberg? That iceberg and all the others that have littered the Atlantic Ocean, for more years than many of us can recall, are the evidence that the weather patterns of our planet have been changing for a very long time. We knew this but what did we do about the evolving problem? Our politicians and scientists just sat on their collective thumbs awaiting the day they could b motivated by eco-terrorists seeking to serve their own ends rather than to work for the people in need. Eco-terrorist attention seeking exercises, such as banners on our Houses of Parliament, that provide excitement for the few at the expense of society by causing increased restrictions to be placed on all other citizens, are their modus operandi. This type of action should, at least, warn the politicians they should be looking over their shoulders but no, that would mean the number of political junkets, funded by we the taxpayers, might be diminished. In our perpetual need for ever more petroleum fuel the companies that profit from such endeavours build refineries and lay down thousands of miles of pipe-lines to feed the refineries. We, th public, eat up the costs of the petroleum companies so they might make even greater profits and few really complain because they know it would be an exercise in futility. Even the Russians with their socialistic tendencies are into the act of piping oil or gas to distant lands so they might profit. My solution would be to copy this process but using sea water and piping the product to the countries, or regions of the world, that are without natural sources of water. It is said that it is too costly to develop the desalination plants. The same argument could be made for oil to be refined and we already use pipelines to transport oil across continents. Why not have desalination plants feeding clean drinking water piped overland to those countries or regions in need? The money presently being squandered on fruitless junkets to other lands could be diverted to fund this type of pro-active solution. Imagine the money spent on US 1 transporting President Obama and his entourage from Washington, USA to Copenhagen, Denmark. Add to this the cost of our Prime Ministe and 180 people on board his official flight from Ottawa to Copenhagen. To the flight costs must be added the cost of food and accommodations. Importantly, what was gained? Nothing.

There was no resolution for there is no resolution yet the money was spilled into the venture like water passing over Niagara Falls just to satisfy the whims of the politicians. In the mighty USA they have an increasing problem in their 'me' society. Lake Mead, the largest dam in the US, has one third less water from the Colorado River and it looks as if it the lake will actually dry up before many more years have expired. Despite this if one were to visit the Coachella Valley, California, where Palm Springs is situated, one would see endless greenery, lawns and shrubs in abundance and the entire area is littered with golf courses [water spraying everywhere]. Yet this is the desert. The water they misuse, diverted from the Colorado River, is so drastically abused that it is saline and sewage loaded by the time it continues on its way to Mexico, where it enters the Gulf of California or as it is known in Mexico, the Sea of Cortez. It is likely the mighty USof A will ultimately resort to military means to get water from the Great Lakes rather than to manage what they have. The cost of such actions would far exceed the cost of a good water management plan and the latter would not endanger the relationships between two neighbours. Unfortunately, the ability of this mighty nation to think on its feet has proven to be lacking. An identical situation exists in many countries of the world, for example, Pakistan and India; the countries through which the Nile flows, the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, inland African nations. I could go on listing the regions of the globe that would profit from a world-wide water strategy and the placing of many internationally owned desalination plants with networks of pipeline to countries and people in need.

The needs of the people of Haiti have shown us that those of us who do have the natural resources really care and nations abound who would cooperate if a leader were to emerge. The country that could lead this effort is Canada because our Conservative government has already shown it does not believe in the global warming concept so let us earn the Brownie points by doing something positive rather than a vague "take care of the women and children in need." My plan would go a long way to helping the women and children in need at the same time as it would provide an essential ingredient for living, clean and abundant drinking water. The first and most primary need of people is to have clean drinking water and this need exceeds the greed of the 'me' societies and the politicians who spend our money on useless junkets and selfish desires. My thought is that through the use of desalination plants we would be using the waters of the ocean thus lowering the levels of those vast areas of water, no matter how minimally, at the

same time as we provide a valuable life-saving resource for those in need. Areas such as the Coachella Valley, in California, USA, can have their endless supplies of fresh water but they must pay the cost plus a little towards the heavy cost of helping others. This idea would be worth examination and would profit more people in need, in the USA alone, than say, does the cost of their space program. Unfortunately, our societies appear to have their priorities all upside down. It would seem the governing bodies are more intent upon throwing money around than looking for answers. Can the readers imagine how many jobs would be created if our own federal government were to apply its wasted funds on helping those in need? The present federal government appears to be ignoring the povery stricken because nothing is happening to diminish the numbers of our home grown poor. Obviously, the Conservative politicians do not want to recognize the poverty that surrounds them - they, individually, have more than enough so why tax their brains with sound concepts that might just work in the interest of others.

John E. Milnes

South Stormont

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