Pastor's Perspective: For the audience of one

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Pastor John Scorgie

If we are honest, most of us have probably imagined, at some point in our life, of singing or speaking or competing before thousands of people in some grand setting. We can attribute that self-inflated thought to a natural bent of our inner ego. But take a moment now and consider this related but radical thought. What if only one person actually showed up to watch you? Of course, you would probably either dismiss such an opportunity as completely unimportant or else you would be compelled to ask the question, “Well, who exactly is showing up to watch me?” Now just suppose that it was the President of the United States or the Queen of England. Would that fact change your view of the moment? Surely it would! Now just suppose it was the living God alone who appeared to observe your presentation. Would that fact make any difference at all? Hopefully, your answer would be a resounding and affirmative “yes!” The humbling truth from Scripture is that in each hour, minute and second of every day we live our lives before the audience of One! Ultimately, we live before an all-knowing, all-seeing God, and it is before Him that we shall one day give an account of our life here on earth. May that sobering realization be our supreme motivation – “I live, speak, work, play, serve, and give, all before the audience of One!”

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