PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: Uncomfortable changes

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John Scorgie

The following sentence, which I read recently, grabbed my attention: “One measure of a genuine spiritual experience is the extent to which it demands uncomfortable change.” There is a lot written these days on the topic of change in every facet of life. I have collected literally dozens of excellent articles on this very matter of change. The accompanying, paradoxical statement is often used in conjunction with this phenomenon of change: “The one constant in our world is that of change.” In the varied circumstances of life, change is inevitable, but in a more crucial area of human existence, that of personal character development, change is something deliberately and consciously chosen. Those changes, though intended for the better, can still be quite threatening and downright uncomfortable. In fact, we should be suspicious when God’s call on our life conforms so neatly to our own natural inclinations and personal preferences. None of us are all that God wants us to be at this exact moment in time! The strong implication, then, is that we could all use some change in our life. But we can all grow very complacent with the present “status quo” and deeply resist the changes that would only be for the best. We naturally resist change, but change is precisely what God wants to see and produce in you and me! Those needed changes will definitely involve varying degrees of discomfort but they will be well worth it all, in the long run! God has sent His Holy Spirit to make those beneficial but uncomfortable changes a possibility, and if we are willing, a blessed reality!

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