SULTAN JESSA: Nuclear deal is good

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Give peace a chance.

We keep hearing this phrase all the time.

Most of the world, including France which was once opposed to the deal, is now softening its stand.

The deal reached over Iran’s nuclear program will make Israel and the Middle East a much safer place.

As expected, Israel has opposed the historic deal saying the agreement is a “historic mistake.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country is not bound by the deal.

Canada, a staunch supporter of Israel, also does not like the deal reached between six world powers.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the deal is out of step with the international community.

China, France, Germany, Russia, Britain and even the United Nations are willing to give the deal a chance to bring peace, particularly to the Middle East.

If, after six months, Iran does not deliver, the international community can go back to sanctions and perhaps impose even stricter sanctions.

Bair initially said he was “deeply skeptical” of Iran’s intentions and its ability to comply with the terms of the agreement.

But, later answering a question from a member of the official opposition the NDP, Baird was not as combative.

This deal should be given a chance.

It will ease decades of hostility.

War, bloodshed, violence and deaths, will not end the long simmering hostilities between Iran and Israel.

Both countries have nuclear capabilities.

Yet, the international community has not made a lot of noise about Israel’s nuclear program.

Decades of bitter confrontation between Iran and the United States has finally begun to ease.

Both, the United States and Iran have lacked formal diplomatic ties for 34 years.

This deal should be viewed as a tentative first step to ease tensions.

Iran has agreed to slow down nuclear enrichment and gets some economic sanctions relief in return.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the outcome as a “dramatic” first step to halt the progress of Iran’s nuclear program for six months while a permanent agreement is sought.

President Barack Obama of the United States the deal “opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure.”

There is a breath of fresh air blowing over Iran since Hassan Rouhani’s election as president of Iran more than six months ago.

It was the initiative of Rouhani that opened up doors to diplomacy.

Under the agreement, Iran will convert its stockpile of uranium enrichment to 20 per cent purity and will scale down the enrichment program.

Obama has made it very clear any sanctions relief is reversible should Iran fail to comply with the deal.

He said the United States cannot close the door on diplomacy.

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