PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: Your job and the gospel

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John Scorgie

If you are a genuine Christ-follower, then pretty well everything that you think, say, and do will be affected by your commitment to Jesus! Devotion from the heart to Jesus is not a religion but a relationship. That vertical relationship with God’s holy Son changes and transforms all other relationships and all other responsibilities in this life … including your regular job, whatever it may be. You can’t say that your vocation or trade or employment is not directly connected to your personal faith in Jesus Christ. At least three major elements of your job dramatically change when you are really serious about your faith connection to the Lord. First, your conception of your work changes by the impact of the gospel! You view your work not just as an ordinary job but as a divine stewardship from God for which you are accountable to Him, not just your human boss. Second, your motivation for your work changes by the impact of the gospel! Why you do what you do, whether you work inside or outside the home, is affected by that divine dimension. You want to truly please God in your regular job in every way. Third, your ethics in your work change by the impact of the gospel! You seek to conduct yourself on the job by the highest ethical standard both for the task you are assigned and with the people you work alongside. You take the high road when others are tempted to lower the bar and just get by. So yes … the Good News of Christ has its direct impact on your working career in huge ways for sure! Let your light shine for Jesus in your work place!

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