SULTAN JESSA: It is hoped the Winter Olympics in Russia will proceed without any violent incidents

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The eyes of the world will be focused on the much-publicized 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, next month.

The host country is trying its best to make sure this world event is staged without any mishaps.

But, already two suicide bombings in as many days have killed more than 30 people and raised concerns that terrorists campaign in Russia could stretch into the Sochi Olympics.

Russian authorities are insisting the site of the winter games are thoroughly protected by layers and layers of security.

They also insist the Sochi site will be completely safe.

President Vladimir Putin has vowed to annihilate terrorists following the two deadly attacks in the southern Russian city of Volgograd which is not too far away from Sochi.

Many countries around the world are expressing concern about the Black Sea resort of Sochi, which is a major prestige project for Putin and Russia.

The bombings have raised fears of further attacks before Russia hosts the Winter Olympics.

“I am certain that we will fiercely and consistently continue to fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation,” Putin pledged.

Putin, who first became president when his predecessor Boris Yeltsin stepped down and named him to the post more than 14 years ago, has been unable to crush Islamist militants in the Muslim province of the North Caucasus.

Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, is a city of about one million and a transport hub for an area of southern Russia that includes Chechnya and the other mostly Muslim provinces of the North Caucasus.

Putin has staked his prestige on the Games in Sochi.

Many countries fear the recent violence will be escalated before the Olympics, Russia’s first post-Soviet Winter Games in 2007.

 In recent weeks, many western nations have ganged up on Russia and asked for the boycott of the upcoming winter Olympics.

This is in protest of the new anti-gay laws in Putinland widely understood as a desperate effort by Russia to suppress homosexuality and fledgling gay rights movement.

Athletes around the world have been training for years to win gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympics.

Let us hope the Olympics will start and end without any incidents.

The Russian law has ignited international condemnation and protests from many countries including Canada.

The last Olympics on Russian soil in 1980 by marred by the boycott over the Soviet invasion of strife-torn Afghanistan.

In recent days, Russia has freed many prisoners to appease the western nations.

The world is right in condemning this.

However, boycotting the Winter Olympics is not the answer.

Let us hope some gay and lesbian athletes bring home some medals from the Sochi Olympics.

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