PASTOR PERSPECTIVE: When you feel threatened

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John Scorgie

Occasionally, in this life, you will feel threatened by certain circumstances that you face or by particular people whom you encounter. You feel vulnerable, weak, and fearful. Well, if you ever wondered if the Bible has anything helpful and practical to say to a person feeling threatened, then look no further than the prophet Daniel in the Old Testament. In Daniel chapter six, verse ten, you will read about the responses of this godly man to a real threat, not just a perceived one. The famous story of “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” is the outcome of this real threat from the Persian King Darius in the sixth century B.C. You can read the stirring account for yourself in this chapter of Holy Scripture. One single verse shows to us five wise moves by a man who felt genuinely threatened. First, he confirmed the correct information. Daniel learned that the royal law had been signed. He got the facts straight. Second, he kept his regular routine. Daniel went home as was his normal custom – no drastic changes there. Third, he demonstrated humble dependence upon God. Daniel knelt down in his upstairs room to pray. Fourth, he entered into heart-felt, disciplined supplication to God. He prayed three times a day to the Lord. What a holy habit! Fifth, he offered sincere gratitude to God. Daniel gave thanks to the Lord as was his regular pattern of living. He kept a positive outlook and uplook. The next time you sense you are the target for threats just remember the five responses of this man Daniel and follow through accordingly!

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