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John Scorgie

Some people don’t believe in prayer because they don’t believe in God. Some people believe partially in prayer because they have some sense of God. Some people believe totally in the usefulness of prayer because they truly and whole-heartedly believe in God. I personally believe in God and also in this thing called “prayer”. I know that prayer is absolutely crucial in my own life for at least six reasons. First, prayer is the channel through which I commune with God. Second, prayer is the vehicle by which I confess my sins to God. Third, prayer is the instrument by which I offer my praise to God. Fourth, prayer is the weapon with which I face the arch-enemy of God – Satan himself. Fifth, prayer is the means of obtaining answers from God to my problems here on earth. Sixth, prayer is the conduit through which I receive and experience the strength and peace of God. I truly hope that you believe in prayer and in the God who hears and answers prayer. It is the Lord God Himself who makes prayer possible and effective and crucial! Prayer is not wishing, imagining, dreaming, or assuming, but rather reckoning with what God Himself has said is the vital link between us!

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