DANCES WITH WORDS: 37 divided by 12: possible practical solutions

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Nick Wolochatiuk

The possible mechanical answers are A) 3, remainder 1, B) 3 1/2, C) 3.083. If you also got that far, you get three marks. Let’s look at each problem, one at a time. Remember, I told you to keep a copy of last week’s assignment.

SOLUTION to #1: There will be less fuel on board as the flights progress, so the aircraft’s take-off performance will be improved. The pilot wouldn’t leave the remainder behind. On the last flight, those still on the ship could also be carried in the lightened aircraft. If the overloaded aircraft could not take off, the rest would have to sit on the aircraft fuselage or wings and be ferried on the water to safety.

During WW II, a PBY seaplane took 59 stranded airmen on board, then, too overloaded to take off, taxied them to safety  

SOLUTION to #2: The loss caused by the kerf of the saw would not be significant, as building a log cabin does not require hi-tech precision. As a carpenter I once worked with muttered, ``From 30,000 feet, nobody will notice!``

SOLUTION to #3: The pieces would have to be precisely made to measure. Unless the total loss due to cutting is close to nil, only two pieces could be produced.

SOLUTION to #4: Cutting cheese with a knife or wire does not create a kerf. TLWD would get some cheese - a measly 0.083 inch.

SOLUTION to #5: Only one delivery could be made if the scooter has to return after the second trip. It would not be able to make two round trips.

SOLUTION to #6: Three equal packets of 12 nickels could be assembled. One lucky trick-or-treater could get a packet of 13 nickels - $1.15.

SOLUTION to #7: Each hiker would get three bars. I think fromagerie`s TLWD (The Little White Dog) should be given the remaining one, as long as it doesn`t contain any chocolate.

Of course, you may disagree with some of these problem solutions. Feel free to state your case to, or write it on the back of a ticket for a round-the-world cruise for to two to me at RR #2 Williamstown, Ontario, K0C 2J0.  

Geographic location: Little White, Williamstown, Ontario

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