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John Scorgie

There has never been another time in human history when there has been greater genuine concern for the whole world! People today are more aware than ever before of the major issues facing the globe and all of its inhabitants. There are mega movements on this one Planet Earth affecting all of humanity. With the fact of instant, mass communication, we are now cognizant of all major happenings anywhere in the world. But please consider the comforting truth that the one true God, who made and maintains this world, is perfectly aware and perfectly capable of handling every last global concern. His arms of love encircle this “global village”. His mind perceives totally this “global economy”. His heart is touched with the phenomenon of “global warming”. His Spirit pursues the noble cause of “global peace”. God sent His Son Jesus Christ into this “global village” to minister redeeming grace in this moral “global economy” to provide “global warming” with His amazing love and to bring “global peace” through His death and resurrection. God has always had this globe on His infinite mind and heart! The perpetual truth in all ages, in all places, and in all situations is certainly this: God goes global! Praise Him!

Organizations: Planet Earth

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