SULTAN JESSA: Oscars 2014 - what a show!

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I am not a huge fan of the Oscars but I found the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony hosted by Ellen DeGeneres neat and entertaining.

It was a near perfect presentation viewed by millions of people around the world.

DeGeneres opened the show and entertained people with razor sharp jokes.

She spent a great deal of time poking fun at some of the best known stars.

The host recalled how Jennifer Lawrence tripped last year when heading to the stage to accept her statuette.

“If you win tonight, we should bring you the Oscar,” she quipped.

DeGeneres was at ease with most stars she had met during many years of her chat show.

One entertaining moment was the encounter with the pizza delivery man.

No one thought this was for real.

But, Edgar Martirosyan, the owner of Bi Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in West Hollywood, showed up with several pizzas.

The next day he collected more than $1,000 in tips from DeGeneres, Brad Pitt and others.

The owner of the pizzeria said he was surprised and shocked, calling the experience “cool.”

The exposure was a big moment and excellent for business.

He even got calls from his home country of Armenia and Russia.

Martirosyan said he will share the tips with his staff.

This was the biggest tip he had ever received.

My personal best moment was the recognition of the great American film star Sidney Poitier.

I met Poitier in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, when I was a young reporter.

Poitier, accompanied by Angelina Jolie, presented the best director award to Alfonso Cuaron, who became the first Latino to win the most sought after and prestigious award for “Gravity.”

This came 50 years after Poitier became the first African-American to win the best actor award for “Lilies in the Field,” in 1964.

This was a historic win for Poitier.

Poitier won the award for “Guess who is coming to Dinner.”

This 1967 movie was about a young white woman who had a whirl-wind romance with a young, idealistic black physician while vacationing in Hawaii.

It starred Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.

Poitier was in Dar es Salaam for the premiere of “Guess who is coming to Dinner.”

This was my big moment to interview the great actor.

Poitier did many other movies like “In the heat of the Night,” “To Sir with Love,””The Defiant One,” “A Patch of Blue,” “They call me Mister Tibbs,” and many more.

Poitier, now 87, was born in Miami, Florida Feb. 20 in 1927.

Some people were offended when Poitier received the award.

That was the world in 1964.

When this film came out, inter-racial marriage was still illegal in 17 states.

The last time Poitier appears at the Oscars was in 2002 when he received an honorary Oscar.

In recent years many African-American have won many top awards at the Oscars.

I spent many years in Kenya before coming to Canada.

I was also happy to see a Kenyan, Lupita Nyong’o win the Oscar for the best supporting actress for her role in “12 Years A Slave.”

“You are the pride of Africa,” exclaimed Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Nyong’o has been considered a front runner in a category that included Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts.

Geographic location: Dar es Salaam, West Hollywood, Armenia Tanzania Kenya Miami, Florida Africa

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