PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: Making an honest confession

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John Scorgie

In this season of Lent, leading up to Easter, it is the appropriate time to make an honest confession. We cannot kid ourselves or anybody else and certainly not God. We aren’t perfect, and there is a real need to offer a genuine, authentic, heart-felt confession. In an excellent book on peace-making, I came across “The Seven A’s of Confession,” and I want to share this with you. Each point begins with the letter “A,” so it is a little easier to remember that way. First, “Address” everybody involved. Tell everyone directly affected by your sin. Second, “Avoid” the words “if,” “but,” and “maybe.” Don’t make any excuses for your wrongs. Third, “Admit” specifically. In other words, don’t “beat around the bush” but “tell it like it is.” Fourth, “Acknowledge” the hurt. Confess that people have been adversely affected by your transgression. Fifth, “Accept” the consequences. To put it in simple words, be willing to “face the music”. Sixth, “Alter” your behaviour. Don’t just keep doing the wrong thing – change your ways. Seventh, “Ask” for forgiveness.  Don’t rationalize. Be genuinely sorry and ask for their mercy and pardon. Please remember the seven key parts of making an honest confession, because I have this hunch that you’ll definitely need it again sometime…and maybe sooner than you think!

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