PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: God's invitation to adventure

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John Scorgie

In the hot pursuit of trying to find true meaning in life, people generally gravitate to one of four things: a search for truth, a search for love, a search for a cause, or a search for thrills. Which way do you personally lean in your own search for the meaning of life on earth? Whichever way you are naturally inclined, I would still challenge you to carefully consider the invitation God extends to you in terms of discovering the meaning of the adventure of life that He originally planned for you. How is a human being supposed to respond to His invitation and His RSVP? I believe the response involves four actions on our part. First, it requires discernment. We need to purposefully look for God’s perspective on this thing called “life” in the midst of the many bombarding, conflicting views all around us. Second, it requires confidence. We need to earnestly trust in God’s goodness, strength, wisdom, care, mercy and faithfulness. Third, it requires relinquishment. We need to be willing to give up our plans, agendas, security, and comfort. Fourth, it requires change or repentance. We need to allow the Lord Jesus Christ to change us and shape us from within in terms of character and conduct. Then and only then does life become the adventure that God always intended it to be! Have you responded to God’s personal invitation to true adventure? I really hope you do!


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