JASON CHRISTOFF: Can whole food reverse disease?

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Two million new red blood cells are made every second inside our bodies. The reason two million new red blood cells are required to be made every second in our bodies is because two million old red blood cells die every second.

This is the cycle of life and death that goes on within us all. All cells die at regular intervals and new cells are manufactured to replace the old ones.  

At one end we have millions of red blood cells turning over every second and at the other end we have something like our skeleton completely turning over every 3 -12 months. Regardless of the turn over frequency, you aren’t the same person day to day because the cells you were made up from the day before aren’t the same as the cells you’re made from today.

The new cells are made from the component parts of the foods you eat. The process of rebuilding your tissues from the component parts of food worked really well up until 65 years ago. Up until 65 years ago there were no chemicals on or in our foods that would interfere with what our bodies needed to produce perfectly functioning cells. With today's diet, what we need to replace our dying cells, is not readily available in the vast majority of grocery store items. Most conventional produce and food like products are not only short of the building blocks we need to be healthy but they also carry dangerous chemicals that further decrease our nutritional reserves.

When a vegetable or fruit is picked, that is the time from which it starts to rot or die. The magically process of all life has to do with an organism's connection to the life giving force found within the earth and found within the produce that comes from the earth. Call it what you will but in order to survive we need a connection to this earth based life force or we literally rot or die when we're disconnected from this life force. (just like a picked apple)

In order to maximize our health we need to understand that the earlier we eat a picked vegetable or fruit, the more life force it will contain and the more life it can provide us. Nutrition is life. Nutrition is health. We also need to understand that the life force in produce is proven to be determined by how many bugs and microorganisms are in the soil, which the plant or tree grows in. Not only do dangerous chemicals sprayed on non organic food kill the micro-organisms in the soil, those chemicals hurt us when they're on our foods. Non-organic food is proven to carry much less nutrition than organic options because the life of the soil is much higher when no chemicals are used. Healthy organic choices provide more life force and health than their chemically covered/less nutritious counterparts.

The food we eat makes up our health and the health of every cell in the body. As our cells die, what we eat makes up the composition of our new cells. You can't make a healthy new heart from a donut and you can't make healthy blood from a coffee. Once we can admit we're sick because we aren't eating properly, we automatically understand we can make ourselves healthier by eating better.

Can whole food reverse disease?

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