PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: God’s goals in communicating

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John Scorgie

The thought of the one true God communicating with human beings is very intriguing and exciting for me personally. The initial intent by God to even share with us is pretty awesome, don’t you think!? The plain fact that God has communicated with His human creation is even more wonderful! As I read the Holy Bible, I perceive four distinct purposes why God shares with us His mind and heart.  His first goal would be, of course, that we would come to understand the truth about Himself, life and salvation. For that, we need the Holy Spirit’s illuminating ministry. His second goal would be that we would be converted to the truth and experience His saving grace through His Son Jesus Christ. For that we need the Spirit’s regenerating ministry. His third goal would be that our whole life be conformed to the truth. In other words, that we would be changed in our character and transformed from the inside out. For that we need the sanctifying ministry of the Spirit of God. A fourth  goal also comes to mind – that is, that we would pass on to others by our words and actions the truth which we have received from Him. For that we need the Holy Spirit’s empowering ministry. Where are you, at this very moment, in terms of God’s communication goals being realized in your own heart and life?

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