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  • Chantal Smaggus
    July 26, 2014 - 08:41

    Regarding the subject of hiring students living in city limits - I was very happy to hear this decision. Apart from of point of tax paying parents -this decision does so much more. Coming from a small community in another province where as soon as young adults have the chance they go west - this decision enforces the word community - this could help reduce the number of people leaving Cornwall once they have graduated and increase the number of them staying and growing their families here. This decision re-enforces the fact the Cornwall will look after their own . For young adults this means a lot- This decision is a start...but all great things start somewhere....... As for City full time staff, yes I truly believe they should only hire people living within city limits. You often see job ads where it states "must live within so many kilometres or must live in "certain city". They do this because if there are perks such as travel expenses to and from home or vehicle this saves a lot of money.