PASTOR'S PERSPECTIVE: A supernatural life

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John Scorgie

You don’t have to be a spiritual mystic or a religious zealot to be a candidate for living  a supernatural life here on earth. Many people, sadly enough, wrongly conclude that life on the planet is quite routine, ordinary, business-as-usual. They eat and sleep, work and play as if human existence is awfully drab and dreary, pretty boring and monotonous. I would courageously and sincerely extend to you an invitation if you have such a mind-set. There is actually an authentic supernatural life to be lived in the here and now! So what do I mean by that statement anyway? What is a supernatural life? Well, let me suggest to you, based on the Bible, four key components of living a supernatural life in this present world. First, it is a life directed by the Word of God. It is not blindly stumbling along in a haze and fog. Second, it is a life empowered by the Spirit of God. It is not propelled along by mere momentum or carnal passions. Third, it is a life of obedience to the will of God. It is not a life of deep resistance and rebellion against God. Fourth, it is a life of conformity to the Son of God. It is not lived trying to emulate this world’s low moral standards and imperfect role models. You can really live a supernatural life on earth by genuinely submitting your will and heart to Christ as your Lord and Saviour, your Master and Friend. Please don’t settle for anything less! Take the higher road and live on the higher plain…just as your Creator intended! Yes, a supernatural life is totally possible…with God!

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