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Results of the survey

Do you think Cornwall would be a good home for a new university?

  • 45% Yes: Our local economy and community can support such a facility.
  • 54% No: We're making progress in Cornwall, but we’re not ready for a university yet.

Recent survey

Has Justin Trudeau's pot admission changed your opinion of him?

  • 9% Yes – I think it may sway my decision when it comes to supporting the Liberal party.
  • 31% No – I think it was the smart decision.
  • 60% Doesn't matter – I don’t support the Liberals anyway.

Is your family ready for back-to-school?

  • 50% Yes – I can’t wait to see the kids back in the classroom.
  • 50% No – This summer went by way too fast.

Which is better, iPhone, Android or other? Go!

  • 31% iPhone, I love what Apple has done for me!
  • 31% Android all the way!
  • 38% Other – because I haven't jumped on the technology bandwagon, just yet.

Should marijuana possession be de-criminalized?

  • 73% Yes – I don’t see it as any worse than smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol.
  • 27% No – It is a gateway drugs that can lead to more serious addiction issues.

Following the deaths of two young New Brunswick boys who were strangled by a python, should seniors levels of government step in an enact tougher laws concerning exotic pets?

  • 95% Yes – There's no reason these wild animals should be kept inside Canadian homes.
  • 5% No – As long as people are vigilant, there's no danger from these animals.

Are you concerned about West Nile virus during the summer months?

  • 9% Yes: I often coat myself in mosquito repellent to ward off the tiny insects.
  • 91% No: It's not something I worry about on a regular basis.

Did your home suffer any flood damage as a result of a huge deluge to hit Cornwall recently?

  • 11% Yes: We had water in our basement and other areas.
  • 89% No: We were one of the lucky ones.

If a federal election were held today, who would you vote for?

  • 39% Conservatives
  • 40% Liberals
  • 15% NDP
  • 1% Green
  • 5% Other

This week marked another great Canada Day celebration, both here and around the country. Do you think Canadians are a patriotic lot?

  • 50% Yes: We all proudly wear the red and white of Canada as a proud nation.
  • 50% No: We love our country, but we don’t do enough to show how proud we are.

Should the Seaway International Bridge toll booth be moved back to Cornwall Island?

  • 59% Yes: Having the toll booth in Cornwall is unfair and creates unnecessary delays on the bridge.
  • 41% No: I think it makes more sense to have the toll booth right where it is.