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The photographs are chilling. The look on the boys face tells the story all to well. He has been tortured, violated, and left for dead. A twice convicted (and released) sexual predator was responsible for this, and still some people are sitting on the fence when trying to decide what to do with these criminals.

“You are talking about endangering the health and safety of people, so the government has some responsibility, doesn’t it?”

A convicted sex offender interviewed by CNN said that he had done his time, and any more incarceration or treatment would not be fair. There was no sign of remorse or regret while he was speaking, and was more concerned about his freedom and rights, than what he did to his victim. No mention of  THEIR freedoms, and rights. Like the right to live life without being attacked, raped, and beaten. What about the freedom from living in fear? What about the victims rights? The debate rages on concerning this topic, and whether or not they can be treated, cured, or rehabilitated. The first goal should be the protection of Society, especially our children. Period.

Our children cannot even surf the net or chat with their friends on Facebook,

without the fear that a sexual  predator is trying to track them and pretend to be their friend.

It is almost a daily occurrence now that another child is being abducted, or has been found murdered. This crime is not gender specific, both male and female children are victims, and potential prey for these predators. New Laws have been passed and are helping to some small degree, but much more needs to be done after the fact to prevent it from happening again even if that means infringing on the “rights” of the perpetrators.

It can be argued that when a person is convicted for murder, that they were overcome by anger and acted in a fit of rage, not really comprehending what they were doing at the time. Can the same be said when a sexual predator tracks a victim, follows them waiting for an opportunity, and then abducts, rapes, and kills them? I don’t think so. It is premeditated, it is deliberate. Can someone explain to me what kind of pill cures that condition? What kind of therapy can change a persons mind that is capable of that in the first place?

75% of sexual predators are male and 25% are female.

Those statistics are just from the cases that are reported, and there are likely many cases that are not do to the stigma and double standard where this is concerned. That is not fair, but it is a reality.

And in Canada we are faced with another set of problems, The Liberal Party. It seems they have a different way of looking at things, and the protection of pedophiles is more of a concern to them than our children’s safety. While our current Government continues to make changes to our Justice system, the opposition continues to fight it, stall it, make it difficult. One has to wonder why. An alcoholic is not in favor of prohibition.

Perhaps the Leader of the Official Opposition should have more pressing concerns, than whether or not the current session of Parliament has been suspended. Hmm?

What do you say to that, Mr.Ignatieff?

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