No more visiting-hour restrictions at Cornwall hospital

No more visiting-hour restrictions at Cornwall hospital
An ultrasound session is completed at the Cornwall Community Hospital.

CORNWALL, Ontario – If you have a loved one under the care of the Cornwall Community Hospital feel free to visit with them as long as you like.

The hospital announced, effective July 1, there will no longer be restrictions on visiting hours.

A new open door policy, allowing visiting at any time, to the patient’s preference, is now in place.

The Cornwall hospital is joining a number of other facilities in Ontario and around the world with such relaxed policies concerning visiting patients.

“The open-door approach is one element of a larger move toward putting patients and their families at the centre of the hospital culture and improving the patient experience,” the hospital said in a statement. “CCH is following this trend by allowing the patient to determine or express their visiting preferences.”

There is one caveat. Between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. visitors are asked to enter through the emergency department door, ensuring that security is not compromised.

The policy advises visitors to stay away if they are feeling unwell, and also gives staff members the authority to ask a visitor to quiet down or leave if being disruptive.

“Time spent at the hospital can be a difficult time, and allowing relatives and friends to visit anytime can alleviate the stress,” the hospital’s statement continued. “Visitors can also provide assistance to their loved ones and observe care so that they can meet patient needs when they return home.”

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