Keeping it Classified

Alycia Douglass
Keeping it Classified

CORNWALL, Ontario – In one short month, Nova Scotia rapper, Classified is set to rock Lamoureux Park for this year’s Summer Beer Fest. Seaway News caught up with him before the show to talk music, collaboration, and life with kids.

With fans and beer enthusiasts now counting down the days like kids at Christmas, Classified says he’s just as excited to take the stage.

“Even if you don’t know the music, we’re going to try to put on a show that’s entertaining, crowd interactive, and just a good time,” he said. “That’s kinda the vibe we always grew up with.”

Having released his last album, Greatful , in January 2016, Classified shows no signs of slowing up anytime soon. Spending a great deal of time in his home studio, he says that recording and playing music is a family affair, with his brother, Mike Boyd, being a frequent collaborator.

“It’s all I really know anymore. Working with my family has always been very natural for me,” he said. “It also makes the process go that much quicker, and it’s very honest – it’s easy to get where you’re going.”

While Classified has worked alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg and personal idol, Maestro Fresh Wes, he says that his brother is still his favourite collaborator.

“He’s my partner in the studio,” he laughed.

With technology making it easier for the Average Joe to navigate the world of music production, Classified says there is a pressure to stay on top of it.

“Ten years ago, you had to go buy a drum machine at a music store, but now you can download a program in five minutes, figure out how to use it in 20 minutes, and be making beats in a half hour,” he said. “ It’s good in a way, but it really takes away from having authentic shit because everyone’s using the same beats.”

In terms of what he’s listening to at any given time, Classified says it depends if his kids are in the car. Currently, it’s a Funkdoobiest album from the 90s.

“The car is the main place I used to listen to music, but with the kids, I don’t really to listen to a lot of rap,” he laughed.

Excited for his debut in Cornwall, Classified will be serving up a tasty dose of East Coast hip hop on Saturday, June 24. For ticket info, visit


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