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Nearly 600 babies born at CCH this fiscal year

Handout from Cornwall Community Hospital
Nearly 600 babies born at CCH this fiscal year
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CORNWALL, Ontario – With renovations in the Women and Children’s Birthing Suites, the integration of midwifery services in 2012 and skin to skin after cesarean sections available since summer of 2015, Cornwall Hospital is delivering on its promise of becoming the birthplace of choice for local families. Last fiscal year, 597 babies were born at CCH. This indicates a 15% increase in the past two years. Over 60 babies were born in both March and July of 2017.

While assisting with deliveries staff also saw over 1200 assessment room visits last year. These visits include the examination of expecting mothers that come to the hospital with concerns which could include early labour signs, unexpected symptoms or concerns about the baby’s well-being. The professionals supporting this program have also expanded. Today Cornwall Hospital has 5 physicians with a specialty in peadiatrics, 5 anesthetist providing twenty-four hour anesthetic coverage and 10 midwives with hospital privileges. Respiratory therapy services are also available 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. These individuals are trained to respond to any type of respiratory emergency, including newborn needs.

Heather Mahon, a young local mother felt compelled to share her story with the manager of the department. In her words she writes: “The arrival of our second son was fast and safe, thanks to the superb nursing staff. My nurses responded promptly and professionally, always making sure that my needs were met and maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. Dr. Pierre arrived as promptly as possible and took care of my post-partum needs swiftly and gently. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by how fast I was able to recover and begin enjoying the bonding experience with our baby boy. I believe that this is due entirely to the quality of care that I received from my nurses. Although I never planned to experience a birth without pain medication, I can honestly say that I look back on the experience as one that was nothing but positive.”

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